MMWrench 0.0.1-dev

MMWrench! The tool that allows you to pick up spawners, one time use! Custom lore and name

  1. Myiume
    Adds a simple tool that can harvest spawners with a one time use only.

    Name/Lore customizable by config.

    Can use /mmwrench to get one and /mmwrench <player> to give a player one.

    mmwrench.use //To use it
    mmwrench.get //To get it with /mmwrench
    mmwrench.give // To give it to other players using /mmwrench <player>

    Code (Text):

    # Config - Plugin made by Myiume!
    # Set tool name and lore.
    # You can use standard minecraft text colors
    # &1, &2, &3, &4, &5, &6, &7, &8, &9, &a, &b, &c, &d, &e, &f
    # and standard minecraft text modifiers
    # &k, &l, &m, &n, &o, &r

    Display-Name: '&4Wrench'
    Lore-Line-I: '&aTools'
    Lore-Line-II: '&cHarvesting a spawner, one time use only!'