Moar Bows 2.6

Add 25+ unique bows to your server!

  1. [2.6] 1.18 Support

    Warning using this build will make all your previously generated bows unusable. This update is mainly designed to provide better support for future versions of Spigot without having to wait for a new plugin update everytime.

    This update is required if you want to use MoarBows on 1.18 but is not necessary if you stay on 1.17 (just disable update notifications) as it won't add any major feature yet it will break your previously generated items.

    • Now only relies on Spigot API. Use of...
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  2. [2.5.6] Bug fix + 1.17 support

    Reposting this update to include a bug fix
    • Added support for 1.17
    • Fixed an issue with the silver bow
  3. [2.5.5] 1.16.2 Support

    • Added support for 1.16.2.
    • Fixed the default config.
    • Improved compatibility with future versions of spigot.
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  4. [2.5.4] 1.16 support

    • Added support for 1.16
    • Bows are now detected using NBTTags which means renaming a bow using an anvil won't create a custom bow
      • This is a change that will most likely break previously generated bows but due to recent changes in how display names are handled, it is nearly impossible to handle custom item checks through display names (lore is not an option either because lores do depend on the bow level).
    • You can now use {level} in the bows lores...
  5. [2.5.3] Bug fix

    • Fixed an issue that would prevent bows to work after a relog
  6. [2.5.2] Bug fixes

    • Fixed an issue with bow crafting recipes.
    • Cleaned up the code.
    • Fixed a memory issue that might fix bows not loading after a certain amount of time.
  7. [2.5.1] Monster compatibility, code clean up

    • Custom bows now work when equipped on monsters (skeletons can use custom bows). It should be compatible with other plugins as long as they fire the correct Bukkit event.
    • Cleaned up the code a little.
    Merry Christmas everyone!
  8. [2.5] Bow levels

    • Bow levels: custom bows have stats which scale based on their level (any stat can be configurated as a linear function of the bow level) (still experimental)
    • Support for 1.15.
    • Please reset your config files, there were quite a few changes.
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  9. [2.4.3] 1.14 Support

    • Added support for 1.14
    • This build only works with 1.13 and 1.14
  10. [2.4.2] Event, bug fixes

    • Fixed an issue with bow perm nodes. The new perm nodes are available on the resource page.
    • Fixed an issue with the disable.enchant & config options.
    • Added a cancellable player event: MoarBowShootEvent that gets called when a player uses a custom bow.
    • Added an option to show enchants in the bow lore.
    • Changed some config options paths.