MOB Boss expansion pack 1.1 beta

This expansion is for my plugin entrepreneur and adds in the dirty life.

  1. azamp19
    Have you ever used my plugin entrepreneur have you ever asked yourself I wish I could be a mob boss in mc well now you can with my new plugin expansion Mob boss. Get this plugin and receive these features listed below.
    -Create your own mafia
    -create your own front
    -Soon launch an assault on other mafias for money and land
    -Soon raid other mafias for money and land
    -Soon hire mercenaries
    -join mafias
    /mafia (Subcommand)
    create (Mafia name) || use this to create your mafia
    create_front (Front_name) || use this to create your mafias front
    assault (Mafia) || Attack your enemies to get money and land || Not ready
    raid (company) || use this to gain powerful workers and gain more profit|| not ready
    accept (Player)|| use this to accept people applying to your mafia||untested
    apply (mafia)||Use this to apply to a mafia||untested.
    - add in money payment system
    - hire and fire many people
    - Steal land
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