Mob Kills 1.0.3

Counts all mobs killed on your server!

  1. Spindlyskit
    mobkills title.png
    This is my first plugin so it won't be perfect yet. If there is a feature you want pm me or use the discussion. Do not leave a bad review because of a bug that you haven't reported,
    report it first and I will try and fix it.

    What is mob kills?
    Mob Kills is a simple way for you as a server owner to track how many of each mob is killed.
    Currently this plugin is in beta thus not all mobs are counted yet but that will be added in the next update.


    • /mobkills command (no perm) tells you how many of each of the logged mob types have been killed!
    • Message when you kill a mob! (<mob> Killed)

    • More config!
    • All mob types!
    • Title when you kill a boss mob!

    • Money on mob kill. (As suggested by TheGamersRemixed)
    • If there is a feature you want contact me...

Recent Updates

  1. Code cleanup 2.0
  2. Code cleanup
  3. More mobs and bugfix update

Recent Reviews

  1. Registen
    Version: 1.0
    Very good Plugin! Indeed, Skeletons are not counted! If the mistake is repaired, it is a very very good Plugin!
    1. Spindlyskit
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
      I have fixed the bug in the new update but you will need to delete old config or there might be spam to console also new mobs added!
  2. TheGamersRemixed
    Version: 1.0
    A good plugin. I can't wait to see it out of beta with all mobs added, also can you add money on mob kills?
    1. Spindlyskit
      Author's Response