Mob Shop 1.0

This plugin allows you to buy mobs that spawn at your feet!

  1. BrickBoy55
    This plugin opens a GUI shop that allows you to spawn mobs at your feet!

    This plugin requires the latest version of Vault installed. You can download vault

    This plugin only has 1 command: /mobshop. The permission is mobshop.use. This will open up an inventory GUI with all the mobs in it. You also do /mobshop reload to reload the plugin.

    All the mob costs are configurable. Opped players or players with permission mobshop.reload have an eye of the ender icon that when clicked, will reload the config. You can also configure the currency symbol. For example, if you use euros, you could set the euro symbol to the front. Or if you have a symbol at the end of the price, you could set it at the end and nothing in the front.

    Current Mobs
    All the mobs are added in the game!


    OblivionsMC Network:

    If you are using this plugin, PM me your server IP and I will put it here.

    Source Code
    You can view the source code at