Mob Silencer 1.0

The way to silent the mobs

  1. CrAzyScream
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    • 1.16
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    Mob Silencer
    This plugin is using name tags, by changing the name of the name tag to silenced/unsilenced the mob will not make any sounds ( good use for farms with villagers or other mobs )




    The plugin has config.yml enabled and created when it's first launched.
    I will guide you here through everything in the config.yml file.

    This is self-explanatory, enable blacklist so certain players won't be able to use the plugin ( the name will be changed but the mob won't be muted )

    Code (YAML):

    : false

     - MyPlayer1
      - MyPlayer2
    The plugin also offers other names the mob will be called, like john or jenny for each of the features ( silenced/unsilenced )

    Code (YAML):

    Name Tag Custom Name Silenced
    : ""

    Name Tag Custom Name Un-Silenced
    : ""
    If you want to blacklist any of the mobs ( I called entities but it'll work only on what the name-tag can be placed on, you can put PISTON but it won't do any effect)
    If you want the full list of mob names that can be written ( case is ignored ) you can go ahead to this link

    Code (YAML):

    : false

     - Animal1
      - Animal2
      - Animal_Type3
    The last thing is a bit complex,
    If this is set to true ( default option ) once you changed the mob's name from the silenced feature to something else, the mob will still be muted.
    If this is set to false the mob's silence will be un-muted and you'll be able to hear the mob again!
    Code (Text):
    Keep sound on name change: true
    There is only one permission to reload the config once changes are made: