Mob Spawner Killer 1.0.1

Destroys any Monster Spawner Block once it awakens.

  1. Sycholic
    This is a very simple straight forward plugin. If you want to make sure your world is constantly free of mob spawners this is what you need. The moment a spawner block awakens... it is naturally destroyed. Simple and done.
    • This might not stop the first round of spawns but meh who cares about a few mobs....
    • This will destroy the spawner block on ANY world the server is running once it awakens/tries to spawn.
    To keep it fast and simple as possible there is no commands, no files, no configurations, nada, nothing. If you wish for your spawners to continue to exist just move the plugin from the ./plugins folder.

    This will work for Spigot/CB 1.8.0+

Recent Updates

  1. 1.0.1