MobArena 0.104.2

Become a mob-fighting gladiator!

  1. Reworked unbreakables, teleporting pets, and a few bug fixes

    Note: For 1.8 and 1.12 builds, visit github releases

    • Like the other user commands, the permission for /ma ready now defaults to true.
    • Unbreakable weapons and armor now use the unbreakable item flag (1.12 and 1.13 only) instead of item durability and on-hit repairs. This means that MobArena's unbreakable items are now compatible with plugins that depend on special durability values, such as QualityArmory.
    • Spectators can no longer take damage when the arena isn't running.
    • Pets can now teleport back to their owners if they get too far away.
    • Enchantment names are now case insensitive (i.e. FIREPROTECTION is the same as fireprotection).
    • All commands are now case insensitive. This means that typing /ma join is the same as typing /MA JOIN. This should help reduce the confusion with commands like /ma l where the L can be confused with a 1 (one).
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