MobArmor Update 1.17

This plugin makes EVERY mob have armor and weapons.

  1. Duckybrine_606
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    • 1.16
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    This plugin makes EVERY mob have armor and weapons. Has been tested on minecraft 1.16.4. This is probably going to be the final version of the plugin. !WARNING! this may be a true nightmare when played on survival. It hasnt been tested in entirely survival yet. also, i gotta give credits to dream. this is a continuation of the plugin he made in a tutorial in his second channel DreamXD.

    NOTE: all drop chances are reduced to 0, so mobs WON'T drop any armor or weapons.

    My YouTube Channel:


    also, if there are some problems, or things that do not match the desc. in general (like the drop chances not being dropped to 0), tell me in the "discussion" tab and i'll try to fix it.

    UPDATE! 7.2.2021 The mob drop chances SHOULD be increased, but still, it's pretty uncommon with the leather armor having a 5% drop chance and diamond having 1%. Also, i'm planning to do some challenge or something with this, but if there's any bug i am afraid i may not be able to fix it, because some months ago i lost the folder file needed because of some pc error. i will try to somehow fix bugs or sth, but i am for sure NOT writing all of this from the beginning. also HOW did this get 30 downloads? thank y'all so much <3

    Edit 20.9.2021: So i have found some screenshots from the plugin's listeners class, which is about 80% of the code. Expect an update soon!

    also im setting up a discord server because Spigot thinks posting in the discussion tab in a kinda old plugin is "NeCrOpOsTiNg" so i'll paste the link here later. join that to tell me about bugs etc. or just to be notified when i update the plugin. upload more plugins etc. The Plugins source code will be in github later so i will also drop the link here

    21.9.2021: The server is semi-set up here's the invite link:

    What i mean by semi-set up is that i can't fully set it up yet because of the Moderation bot being offline. You can still enter tho and i will manually give you the member role so that you can chat.

    21.9.2021 Edit B: The moderation bot is Finally up, so you can join the discord, react to the RULES message and you will gain access to the server.

    17.10.2021: UPDATE! Hi again! so i posted an update yesterday but i realized i hadn't reduced the drop chances so the items were going to be dropping like CRAZY so i updated it. the chances are now reduced to 0. Also, if you REALLY wanna challenge yourself join the discord server so you don't miss out when i release the HARD versions. no more spoilers join discord for updates

    18.10.2021: Im Releasing the 1.17 Update rn, look in the "Version history" tab for the older ones. Also rn im Making another Plugin and it's made on 1.17 tell me if y'all want a 1.16 version for it

    Mildly Hard Version of the Plugin:

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  1. LaurinVL
    Version: RECODED
    Very good Plugin. Well made, continue and you'll become big one day!

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    1. Duckybrine_606
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I'll definitely keep developing this and other plugins!