MobBorder 1.1.1

A more natural world border.

  1. Added compatibility with older versions

    The plugin no longer panics when you're using versions below 1.11.

    Note to server owners:
    You must set the 'use-subtitles' flag in the configuration file to false! There are safety nets in place if you are using versions 1.8, 1.9 or 1.10, but anything below that will not tell the player when they are in danger and instead spam your console with errors.
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  2. Textual changes

    Changed some text to be more descriptive and accurate for the config.yml.
  3. Config, multiworld, optimization, damage and display improvements

    In order of importance:
    • Damage is now registered correctly! All (most) sources of player damage are now counted against you while fighting, not just melee. Bows, potions, TNT, and wolves are all confirmed to work.
    • The config now loads correctly and has new features. It technically had one already, but it didn't load correctly. Everything you can change is now fully documented in the file and on the main page.
    • The display has been moved to the game's subtitles instead of...
  4. Fixed incoming damage

    Mob incoming damage would not be affected, and PvP was broken due to an oversight.
    Will do more extensive testing before releasing next time! This is a small plugin and more testing was done, so there shouldn't be too much more that can break.