MobCash 8.3

Gives you money for killing mobs

  1. EonZombiecrafter
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    MobCash lets players earn in game money for killing mobs, it
    has an easy to use config that lets you enable what mob you would
    like players to earn cash on!


    • Now for 1.16!
    • Awards players for killing mobs/players.
    • Customizable Messages.
    • Message can be sent in action bar or chat.
    • Messages can be enabled or disabled.
    • Prevent certain spawn reasons from giving Cash.
    • World Support.
    • Uses Vault, the plugin will not function without it.
    • You also need the economy plugin otherwise plugin disables itself.
    • To download Vault click below

    This plugin utilizes bStats, which means that the following information is collected:
    • A unique identifier
    - The server's version of Java
    - Whether the server is in offline or online mode
    - The plugin's version
    - The server's version
    - The OS version/name and architecture
    - The core count for the CPU
    - The number of players online


    - fixed disabled spawns not working

    - Switched from metrics to bStats for server data display
    - Added "PERCENTAGE" option in PVP (% of victim's money taken).
    - Available reward types (CONSTANT, RANDOM) for PVP and mob kills
    - Switched from NMS methods to Spigot API for sending action bar messages (for multi-version support)

    Source: Switched from Eclipse to Intelij Idea, now using Maven

    v8.1 [12/16/2020] Fixed bugs from the previous update
    - Fixed tabs in config bug (server is unable to get version and constantly updates it)
    - Fixed EnderDragon not creature bug
    - Improved default messages

    v8.0 [12/13/2020] 1.16 update and much more
    After 3 years, I've decided to update this plugin:
    - Code cleanup and optimization (Yeah, it was terrible)
    - RGB Colors in messages
    - Updated for 1.16.
    - Simpler Config
    - New method of getting money from config: 1. It checks if you added entity type to custom settings, 2. checks if it is a creature (not painting, etc. ...), 3. check its group (Is it Monster? Boss? ok it's passive then).

    I'm thinking of again updating this plugin, so feel free to post bugs in the discussion(NOT REVIEW, PLEASE).

    v7.2 [8/27/2017] Added Elder Guardian

    v7.1 [7/22/2017] 1.12 Mobs Update:
    - Added 1.12 mobs
    - Illusioner
    - Parrot

    v7.0[7/1/2017] 1.12 update
    - Updated to 1.12

    v6.0[7/1/2017] Last 1.11 update
    - Added option for messages to be displayed in action bar.
    - Optimized code.

    v5.4[5/1/2017] Config Updater bug fix
    - What was wrong:
    - Plugin always said that version was wrong
    - If old config existed besides the config,
    the feature didn't work

    v5.3.1 [4/23/2017]Config Update:
    - added Wither Skeleton
    - if config is outdated, it gets renamed and new config generates

    - get money randomly (set min and max amount in config)
    - removed config fixer (it was actully config corrupter :/)

    - Fixed infinite money bug
    When killed player has less than it should have been taken from him/her, killer got always the same amount. Now he/she gets same amount as killed player. Player gets nothing if killed player has 0 money.

    v5.1 [12/16/2016]
    - fixed error, when player gets killed by mob
    - fixed player not getting money, when killing hostile mob
    - added automatic config updater

    v5.0 [11/19/2016]:
    -Updated for 1.11
    -Added 1.11 mobs
    -Plugin disables itself if there's no economy plugin

    v4.0 [8/8/2016]:
    - Code changed completely.
    - New chat replacing system.
    - New economy intergration system.
    - Mobcash class renamed to Main.
    - Main class is seperated into different sections.
    - Each section is in different class file.
    - Players can be killed for money (fully customizable).
    - Added an easter egg.
    - Fixed some bugs.

    v3.3 [6/27/2016]:
    - Fixed "Could not pass MobKill event" error after player kills a mob..

    v3.2 [6/18/2016]:
    - Added option to get money by killing players. (didn't work)
    - That option can be disabled.
    - Plugin checks config version.
    - It gives a warning, if config version does not equal plugin config version.

    - Updated for 1.10.
    - Added Polar Bear.

    - Developing given to EonZombiecrafter.
    - Updated for 1.9.
    - Added 1.8 mobs.
    - Added 1.9 mobs.
    - Added option to enable/disable message, when a mob is killed.

    - Updated for 1.7.4.

    - Fixed not reading doubles.

    - Added MCStats.

    - Fixed error with killing players in v2.0.
    - Fixed Error with disabling mob spawners.

    Recoded whole plugin! now with:
    - better config file
    - reload config command
    - world support

    - Added Horses (1.6.1)
    - Added disabling getting cash from egg and spawners.

    - First Release!

Recent Reviews

  1. Puchisim
    Version: 8.3
    excellent plugin, light and with the necessary configurations.
    tested in the 1.16.5
  2. digimonz
    Version: 7.2
    very good plugin
    It work in 1.12.2
  3. Prisko_
    Version: 7.2
    greate pluginnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn <3
  4. soocks
    Version: 7.2
    It works very good for what i wanted it to do but i do not get a message in the chat when i have killed a mob or a player. Any solution?
  5. Obscurum_Killer
    Version: 7.2
    Only works with friendly mobs like sheeps & pigs

    Server Version 6 Game version: 1.12

    Fix please, thanks!
    1. EonZombiecrafter
      Author's Response
      Server version? And bugs are for DISCUSSION!
  6. DrBiscotto
    Version: 7.2
    Perfect Plugin! Thanks for all the upgrades. I recommend all this plugin! 5/5 stars!
    Thank you!
  7. Twiistrz
    Version: 7.1
    [11:32:35 ERROR]: Could not pass event EntityDeathEvent to Mobcash v7.1 org.bukkit.event.EventException: null
    1. EonZombiecrafter
      Author's Response
      Bugs are for discussion, post whole code there!
  8. Velerium
    Version: 7.1
    It seems good but it doesn't work in 1.8, can you make a 1.8 version? Using protocolhack
    1. EonZombiecrafter
      Author's Response
      For 1.8 use lower version.
    Version: 7.1
    good plugin :D so, its needs permissions? sorry for bad english im spanish :D :D
    1. EonZombiecrafter
      Author's Response
      For commands, yes.
  10. Packaleen
    Version: 7.0
    It works very good for what i wanted it to do but i do not get a message in the chat when i have killed a mob or a player. Any solution?
    1. EonZombiecrafter
      Author's Response
      I'd really need to take a look at your server. I don't get this problem, but some people do.