MobCatcher Lite 3.31 for 1.12

Lite Version: Capture mobs and get eggs legitimately!

  1. Malikk
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11

    MobCatcher allows players to capture mobs and get the corresponding spawn eggs. This is useful for trading and transporting mobs from player to player or even across worlds. As well as having a configurable capture item, MobCatcher also boasts configurable mob types and item costs per capture, bringing a new economic value to mob types both peaceful and hostile. MobCatcher is able to store and recall mob specific data saved to specific spawn eggs. This means things like capturing and spawning colored sheep, baby animals, and tamed wolves is possible! This is done via a separate .dat file which saves data for each mob and removes it when that mob is spawned. Try it out on your server today!

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    MobCatcher Basics

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    • Capturing configurable mob types
    • Saves mob data (color, age, health, etc) to specific spawn eggs (full version)
    • Changed mob spawners use MobCatcher Data (full version)
    • Item lore to tell you about your mob
    • Respects Towny regions
    • Getting spawn eggs without creative mode
    • Makes spawn eggs throwable
    • Configurable capture item, including projectiles
    • Configurable costs for every mob type (full version)
    • Sign-based mob protection
    • Vault Economy support! (full version)
    • Permissions
    • Percent Chance for captures
    • Dispensers can shoot spawn eggs at higher speeds

    All you have to do is hold an egg (configurable) and left click on the mob you wish to capture. Its really that easy.

    /mobc - Displays all command usage
    /mobc item - Displays Capture item setting
    /mobc clean - Removes data from a spawn egg itemstack.
    /mobc projectiles - Displays current projectile settings
    /mobc settings [mob type] - Displays settings
    /mobc worlds - Displays which worlds MobCatcher is enabled in
    /mobc area - displays how many Protection Signs the player is within the radius of
    /mobc resetsigndata - Deletes all saved sign data

    The mobcatcher.catch nodes all default to true, you must negate them to remove them.

    If you have any additional questions about the permissions nodes, feel free to PM me or post a comment on the main page.

    description: All the permissions that default to OP
    default: op
    mobcatcher.op.catchchance: true true
    mobcatcher.op.sign: true
    mobcatcher.op.ignoreprotection: true
    mobcatcher.op.ignoreconfig: true
    description: catch permissions (all nodes are positive)
    default: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.*: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.*: true
    description: catch permissions for all peaceful mobs
    default: false
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.mooshroom: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.pig: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.sheep: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.cow: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.chicken: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.squid: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.wolf: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.ocelot: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.villager: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.irongolem: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.snowgolem: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.bat: true true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.rabbit: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.donkey: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.llama: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.mule: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.skeletonhorse: true
    mobcatcher.catch.peaceful.zombiehorse: true
    description: catch permissions for all hostile mobs
    default: false
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.pigzombie: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.magmacube: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.cavespider: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.creeper: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.skeleton: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.spider: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.zombie: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.slime: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.ghast: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.enderman: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.silverfish: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.blaze: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.angrywolf: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.enderdragon: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.witch: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.witherskeleton: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.wither: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.endermite: true true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.elderguardian: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.shulker: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.husk: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.zombievillager: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.vindicator: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.evoker: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.vex: true
    mobcatcher.catch.hostile.stray: true
    description: allows the placement of protection signs
    default: true
    description: catch chance is always 100%
    default: false
    description: all captures are free
    default: false
    description: allows all protective signs to be broken, regardless of owner, allows database resets, and allows sign limit and radius bypass.
    default: false
    description: allows mobs to be captured regardless of area protection, owner, or mob spawner settings
    default: false
    description: allows the capture of mobs disabled in the config file (based soley on permissions)
    default: false​

    If after reading this page you still have a question, feel free to PM me.

    Multi World Support
    Under the PluginEnabled section, true means that the plugin is enabled in that world, while false means it isn't. NOTE: If you add a new world to your server, reload, and the config file should be updated.

    Capture Item
    The Capture item field is used to configure the item held in the players hand when capturing a mob. By default, it is a normal egg, but by changing the item ID to another value, you could make it whatever you want. "UsedOnCapture" is by default set to true, this means that 1 of the capture item will be removed from the players hand upon capture and "ReturnedOnSpawn" will give it back once you've used a spawn egg. Disabling the Capture "Enabled:" field, would mean projectile captures only.
    Note: All item name fields are solely there to help you remember what you've set it to. They are not necessary to change.

    Projectile Captures
    The types of projectiles that can be used to capture are by default all set to false, except chicken eggs. Simply change the other fields to true to allow Snowballs or Arrows to capture mobs. These fields are completely independent of the Capture item (direct capture) settings. The SpawnEggsDirectToInventory, which by default is false, means that Spawn eggs, when captured from projectiles, will be dropped on the ground. If you set this to true, the eggs will be placed directly into the players inventory, like a direct capture. The MissedEggsSpawnsChickens field defines whether or not chicken eggs will spawn chickens if they hit a block.

    Note: MobsMustBeKilled also applies to projectiles

    Iron Golems Protecting Villagers
    By default, Iron Golems will attack any player who has damaged a villager. Set the "IronGolemsProtectVillagersFromCaptures" to false to be able to capture villagers without getting attacked by golems. Hitting the villager with anything other than the capture item will still aggro the golem.

    By default, Effects are enabled. The Effect is smoke, in all directions, and the sound of a blaze firing.

    Thrown Spawn Eggs
    Set this to false to turn off the ability to throw spawn eggs. Note: There are override permissions, default OP.

    With MobCatcher, dispensers can shoot out mob eggs and then spawn them, rather than just spawning them one block in front. In order to turn it back to the old way, set enabled to false. The power field defines how fast the egg will shoot out of the dispenser. This number is a MULTIPLIER, where 1 is a normal speed. Numbers less than 1 slow it down(decimals). Number greater than one MULTIPLY its speed.

    This section is for disabling messages from this plugin. Set either capture or spawn messages enabled to false to turn them off.

    Simple and Complex Configuration
    ItemName: redstone dust - To remind you what you set it to. Effects nothing
    ItemID: 331 - Actual Item ID of the cost item
    Amount: 5 - the amount that will be taken
    VaultCost: 10.0 - amount of money taken (if vault is enabled)
    Chance: 100 - Percent chance that the capture WILL be successful
    MustBeKilled: true - means you must ENTIRELY kill a mob to capture it, default is 1 hit

    Note: All item name fields are solely there to help you remember what you've set it to. They are not necessary to change.

    Simple Configuration
    Simple config is used by default. This splits everything up between peaceful and hostile and allows for the simple disable of each mob type. While it is easier to manage, it doesn't give you the same flexibility as the Complex Config.

    Complex Configuration
    In order to use the complex configuration you must set ComplexConfig > Enabled to true. This overrides everything in the SimpleConfig section and solely defines all of the costs. The complex configuration offers individual customization for every mob.

    If you use a Vault supported Economy plugin, set Vault to true to enable Economy costs per capture. Change the Vault Cost fields at the bottom, per mob, to change their prices. Note that the Item cost is still active and must be have their amounts set to 0 or you will be charged for both.

    Protective Signs
    Default Radius defines the radius that is used if either PlayerSet Enabled is set to false or if the player doesn't type a radius. PlayerSet Enabled must be true for players to be able to set their own radii. SignLimit defines the maximum number of protection signs a single player can place. MaxRadius defines the highest number a player can set as the signs radius. If a player attempts to exceed the radius, they will be given the default radius instead.

    Note: These fields apply to EVERYONE. To change allowed mob types for a specific player see the Permission Nodes spoiler.


    For older versions please visit the old BukkitDev plugin page.

    MobCatcher will NOT work if you are not using the version of CB it was intended for. Due to the Bukkit "safeguard' system, MobCatcher will break every package version change. Do NOT post tickets or comments about ClassNotFoundExceptions as these are caused by you using the wrong version.

    Before posting a bug, check your server console for a giant red error message.

    To further support this plugin and its development and maintenance, please consider buying the full version or making a donation on Paypal.

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