MobContracts 1.0

Introducing MobContracts - A fully configurable, thrilling way to compete against bosses!

  1. MintyMonster
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16
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    Introducing MobContracts - A fully configurable, thrilling way to compete against bosses built for Spigot!
    Want to give your players a challenging, but rewarding, fight? Look no further! With a configuration file to end all configuration files, and premium features that should be in a paid plugin, you can give your players the greatest experience when it comes to completing contracts for a reward, fighting style!

    MobContracts contains a large number of features to improve usability and to add some spice to the mix.
    They are as follows:
    - Fully fleshed out configuration system.
    - Leaderboard (With customisation!)
    - Player profiles.
    - SQLite data storage.
    - Admin commands.
    - Levelling system.
    - PlaceholderAPI.
    - Custom rewards and drops.
    - Quick and efficient support!
    - Minimal lag.
    - Ease of use!
    - Easy setup!

    As a new plugin developer, I would love to use a little time to allow for bug finding, testing and updates, which in-turn, allows me to create the most optimal version of MobContracts.
    Therefore, the plugin is currently in beta, as server owners and players are the greatest Beta testers that the world has ever known!
    Want to be involved? Download now, and together, we can squish all the bugs on the adventure!

    Player commands (mobcontracts.core):-
    - /contracts:
    Shows the generic help menu!
    - /contracts leaderboard: View the main leaderboard GUI!
    - /contracts list: Show your current usable contracts!
    - /contracts start: Start a contract of your choice!

    Admin commands (mobcontracts.admin):-
    - /contracts active:
    Show the currently active contracts!
    - /contracts experience: Add, set, or remove a player's experience!
    - /contracts give: Award a player with a contract of a specific type!
    - /contracts level: Add, set, or remove a player's level!
    - /contracts clear: Clear all, or a specific player's active contract!

    In the future, there will be updates, as with every other plugin on the internet, however, I feel as if you guys should know what's planned for the future!
    Here's my to-do list as of late:
    - Particle effects for the contracts
    - Updating to Java 16
    - MySQL support (As a backup, of course!)
    - More Admin commands and features!
    - More customisation
    - More special effects per contract
    - Update for Minecraft 1.17
    - More support for server Jars other than Spigot!

    And loads more to come! Keep an eye out :)

    Need help with something, have a question, or maybe want to make a suggestion? Let me know, I will answer all!
    I primarily use Discord for matters such as these, and so feel free to message [Minty#3908] with your question! I am excited to hear from all of you!