MobEssence 1.3.0

Mobs have a life force, and sometimes they drop it.

  1. Genuinebyte
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    • 1.16
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    Everything living has a life force, it's what makes them what they are. We call it essence, and if we're able to extract it as they die, then it can be distilled and injected into an egg so they may once again walk the earth.

    Attaining Essence
    When a mob dies, it has a chance to drop its essence. This chance is configurable and defaults to every 1 in 256 mobs.

    Infusing Essence into Eggs
    A method of infusing chicken eggs with essence has come to light. It allows you to change the genetics of the egg so that it will spawn the mob that had its essence infused.

    In the center of your workbench you place the chicken egg. In the immediately surrounding squares is where you place your essence. The last four spots left are the bone meal for the essence to cultivate. You can see this below.


    There is a Minecraft feature where if you right-click a spawner with a spawn egg, it will change to that type. I wanted to utilize this feature while trying to keep it as balanced as I can, and I think this plugin achieves this wonderfully.

    You can get the latest build from the GitHub releases page.

    If you think something that isn't currently configurable should be, then leave an issue and I'll see if I can get it done.

    Default: 256

    The chance essence will drop from a mob. 1 of drop-chance mobs will drop essence. Four essence are required to make an egg, so essentially an egg is attained 1 of (4 * drop-chance) mobs killed.

    Default: true

    Should the player have to be the cause of the mob's death for it to drop essence?