MobHunting 6.5.1

Earn Money and get Skulls by killing Mobs and Players

  1. V6.5.1

    • Support for McMMOHorses Added. You dont get a reward for killing MCHorses
    • Added New Achievement. Neptune - King of the seas. Kill a Mob using a Trident over 20 blocks
    • Worldguard flag "MobHunting" is fixed after updating to WG 7.0
    • Re-added Setting "drop_money_use_item_as_currency" to the config.yml. This was deleted in V6.5.0.
  2. V6.5.0 Recompiled for Worldguard 7.0.0 beta 2

    • Recompiled MobHunting against Worldguard 7.0.0 Beta 2. You MUST upgrade Worldguard to V7.0.0 Beta 2 if you use the MobHunting Flag. (
    • MobHunting and BagOfGold is not dependend on each other anymore.
    • If you use my other plugin BagOfGold, you must upgrade that too.
    • Updated to bStats 1.4
  3. V6.0.8 Update for Worldguard Beta 1

    • Moved Spawner settings from general section to grinding section in config.yml. Please review the Spawner settings after first run.
    • Recompiled MobHunting against Worldguard 7.0.0 Beta 1. You MUST upgrade Workdguard to V7.0.0 Beta 1 if you use the MobHunting Flag. (
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  4. V6.0.7 New feature + bugfixing

    • Fixed compatibility issues with plugins adding new recipes. (Ex EmeraldTools)
    • Added a per world bonus on request from a server owner. The default bonus is 1 (neutral/disabled)
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  5. V6.0.6 New featue + bug fixing

    • Added a limit of gold per BagOfGold, default 10000 (Notice that you need to set the limit in both BagOfGold and MobHunting at the moment).
    • Added a limit on how much gold the player can drop, give and take using /mh money .... the limit is 100 bags
    • Fixed ticket 443 (
    • Rounding fixed
    • Reward for PVP kills can max be the players balance, if rob_from_victim is enabled. If the killed player has 0 money, the reward...
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  6. V6.0.5 bug fixing

    • Use org.Bukkit.SendTitle instead of using TitleManager and TitleAPI.
    • Use player.spawnParticle instead of using ProtocolLib to show grinding areas
    • Fixed Ticked 432. ${prize} not working when creating a bount on a player.
    • Fixed ticket 437. Stacked heads sold with BagOfGOld sign was counted as one head.
    • Fixed Ticket 433. Creating new leaderboard, sign had a wrong direction (
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  7. V6.0.4 Support for Minecraft 1.13.1 added

    • Support for SpigotMC 1.13.1 added
    • "MobHunting Reward" Lore added to MobHunting Rewards
    • Fixed SQL error in MySQL/ mh_Bounties (Removed CONTRAINT's)
    • Fixed Ticket 409 (
    • new bounties is broadcasted to all online players
  8. V6.0.3 Bugfixing

    • Removed hard dependency for WorldEdit
    • Added possibility to disable integration to WorldEdit in config.yml
    • Temporary fix for players being disconneted if grinding is detected. ProtocolLib was using to mark the area / circle with small flames, but this does not work at the moment. The feature is disabled in config.yml. (protocollib.show_grinding_area_using_protocollib_temp: false)
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  9. V6.0.2 New message feature + bug fixing

  10. V6.0.1 Support for WorldGuard, WorldEdit, LibsDisguises re-added. Bug fixing

    • For Bounty users - fixed SQL bug (
    • Removed a "null" message when clicking a non MobHunting head on a MC 1.13 server
    • Added support for WorldGuard 7.0.0
    • Added support for WorldEdit 7.0.0
    • Custom WorldGuard flag MobHunting - tested and fixed.
    • Support for Disguises fixed.