MobHunting 6.0.2

Earn Money and get Skulls by killing Mobs and Players

  1. V6.0.2 New message feature + bug fixing

  2. V6.0.1 Support for WorldGuard, WorldEdit, LibsDisguises re-added. Bug fixing

    • For Bounty users - fixed SQL bug (
    • Removed a "null" message when clicking a non MobHunting head on a MC 1.13 server
    • Added support for WorldGuard 7.0.0
    • Added support for WorldEdit 7.0.0
    • Custom WorldGuard flag MobHunting - tested and fixed.
    • Support for Disguises fixed.
  3. V6.0.0 Minecraft 1.13 ONLY - First official release

    This version is ONLY for MC 1.13

    New mobs added: Phantom, Drowned, Dolphin and the Fish (Mobs)

    Bug must be reported here

    I have not had the time to test ALL features, I will need your help!
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  4. V5.7.1 Important update

  5. V5.7.0

    * Fixed redirecting
  6. V5.6.9 Fixed reporting

    Reporting to was broken in v5.6.6
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  7. V5.6.8 Bug fixing

    Fixed minor bug in V5.6.7
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  8. V5.6.7 Bug fixing

    • Fixed ticket 408.
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  9. V5.6.6 Important update for EliteMobs support

    * Fix a bug where all normal Minecraft mobs was tagged as eliteMobs
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  10. V5.6.5 Support for EliteMobs and bug fixing

    • Added Support for EliteMobs
    • Removed Metrics completely
    • BagOfGold can now be used in both Survival and Creative mode. PerWorldInventory or similar plugin is strongly recommended.
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