MobHunting 5.4.6

Earn Money and get Skulls by killing Mobs and Players

  1. V5.4.6 Support for FactionsUUID + Bug fixing

    • Added support for FactionsUUID (
    • Improved /mh update so it handles SNAPSHOT's too.
    • Support for LorinthsRPGMobs was broken through changes in LorinthsRPGMobs. Fixed.
    • Initial database version is now 7, if the database does not exist.
  2. V5.4.5 Support for LorinthsRpgMobs and bug fixing

    • Added support for LorinthsRpgMobs
    • Fixed reload command. Messages can now be changed while server is online and reloaded with /mh reload
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  3. V5.4.4 Bug fixing

    • MobHunting Skin Cache improved - support for MC 1.9.4 added
    • Removing Bags with 0 value from player inventory when the player changes from creative to survival
    • Fixed NPE error, when the players skin was updated.
    • Fixed NPE in the new SkinCache
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  4. V5.4.3 Bug fixing.

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  5. V5.4.2 Improved MobHunting Skin Cache + Bug fixing

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  6. V5.4.1 Improved MobHunting Skin Cache

    The "/mh head ..." commands works a lot better now. The player skin will be stored when a player logon to the server for later use.

    Known bug: If a player changes his skin its not updated in the MobHunting cache. I will have to fix that later.
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  7. V5.4.0 Bug fixing

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  8. V5.3.9 Bug fixing

  9. V5.3.8 New MyPet feature and bug fixing

    • MyPet can now pickup BagOfGold and the money will directly into the owners balance if "drop-money-use-item-as-currency: false" in config.yml. If true the Pet just pickup the BagOfGold like when the player picks up the bag. If the BagOfGold plugin is used, the money will not go into the player balance until the money is stored in the player inventory. This means that the player save his BagOfGold/money in the...
  10. V5.3.7 Bug fixing

    • Deny players to use BagOfGold in all other slottypes than QuickBar and Container.
    • BagOfGold can now be handled in Creative mode too.
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