Mobmoney 1.1

Earn money by killing mobs

  1. Bloodbacker
    Mob Money

    • Easy to use
    • Getting money by killing mobs
    • Timer money!
    • Configurate how much, disable/enable mobs
    • 1.8+
    • Free
    • %weapon% - get weapon in hand
    • %name% - get playername
    • %money% - get amount of money what is given
    • %exp% - get amount of exp what is given
    • %mob% - get name of mob that is killed
    • Stop your server!
    • Download the mobmoney.jar and put it in your plugins folder!
    • Start your server!
    • Configurate the plugin as you wish!
    • /mobmoney | help command
    • /mobmoney mobs <disable/enable> | Enable/Disable getting money for killing mobs
    • /mobmoney timer <disable/enable> | Enable/Disable getting money when the timer ended
    • /mobmoney exp <disable/enable> | Enable/Disable getting exp for killing mobs
    Code (Text):

    Give-Kill-Money: true
    Give-Kill-Exp: true
    Exp: 10

    Enable-Sheep: true
    Sheep: 1.0

    Enable-Pig: true
    Pig: 1.0

    Enable-Chicken: true
    Chicken: 1.0

    Enable-Cow: true
    Cow: 1.0

    Enable-Bat: true
    Bat: 1.0

    Enable-Rabbit: true
    Rabbit: 1.0

    Enable-Zombie: true
    Zombie: 1.0

    Enable-BabyZombie: true
    Baby-Zombie: 1.0

    Enable-Horse: true
    Horse: 1.0

    Enable-Enderman: true
    Enderman: 1.0

    Enable-PigMan: true
    Zombie-Pigman: 1.0

    Enable-SilverFish: true
    SilverFish: 1.0

    Enable-Skeleton: true
    Skeleton: 1.0

    Enable-Slime: true
    Slime: 1.0

    Enable-Wolf: true
    Wolf: 1.0

    Enable-Ocelot: true
    Ocelot: 1.0

    Enable-Blaze: true
    Blaze: 1.0

    Enable-Spider: true
    Spider: 1.0

    Enable-Cave-Spider: true
    Cave-Spider: 1.0

    Enable-Villager: true
    Villager: 1.0

    Enable-Creeper: true
    Creeper: 1.0

    Enable-PoweredCreeper: true
    Powered-Creeper: 1.0

    Message-Kill: '&c%name%, &cYou killed an %mob% with a %weapon%, you got &2%money%
      for it and %exp% exp'
    Enable-Give-Timer-Money: false
    '########': Use seconds
    Time-To-Give: 30
    Money-To-Give: 500
    Message-When-Timer-End: '&aYou got %money because the timer ended, timer resetted!'


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Recent Reviews

  1. frank_2409
    Version: 1.1
    My config resets as soon as i edit it, there are no errors in console...
    and can you add a command such as /mobmoney reload?
    it will be so much better!
  2. Raymart
    Version: 1.1
    you've done something that was good .
    1. Bloodbacker
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review
  3. Gomze
    Version: 1.0
    Looks cool :)
    1. Bloodbacker