MobRacers - MarioKart on Mobs - Renewed 1.6.21

Racing minigame with balanced items, racers, and more.

  1. JeroenDaSlime
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    JeroenDaSlime (urlocaluwu), WinterGuardian, MajorProbes
    This was the original publisher on SpigotMC.

    For some reason, the original developer for this plugin never came back, so I decided to give it a quality of life update, for the ones that wanted to still use it. I am currently working really hard on making it able to run above 1.9+ servers, but I am not the most experienced with coding yet, but I appreciate any help in return if you know how to help.

    These changes were made to the plugin:
    • Removed every single special item, and implemented some into the normal items for everyone to use for balancing reasons.
    • Removed all horse & entity related vehicles, like minecart and block, because they just weren't fun.
    • Mobs are now able to jump for more variety in track making.
    • Added MCJukebox support for some sounds while playing, like lap and finishing sounds.
    • Added the Zombie, Skeleton, Enderman & Creeper as playable racers.
    • Disabled explosion damage for the bomb, because it could destroy maps in a way where checkpoints would bug out the game.
    I hope that these changes are welcoming and feedback is definitely recommended.

Recent Reviews

  1. akrrkvkakrrkvk2
    Version: 1.6.21
    It's a great plugin.
    But the server is lagging when playing with more than nine people.
    Optimization, please.
  2. Konradlp
    Version: 1.6.21
    nice work! :D