MobReward 1.0

Fancy way to reward your players by killing mobs

  1. Arektor
    [​IMG] Donations will help me to keep up the work. It's a way for you to support me, and saying me thanks ;)

    (This plugin should work for 1.8+ and higher. Only tested in 1.8.8)
    MobReward is a little, simple plugin that rewards your players by money when they kill mobs. It does even recognize the Killer Bunny!
    This plugin uses the economy system of Essentials and will not work without it.

    Here it is, a little screen as an example!

    Any feedback, suggestion or comment will be appreciated.

Recent Reviews

  1. QuarTzq
    Version: 1.0
    hey how can i contact with you?
    It would be really nice if you send me a contact link to you.

    Thats a awesome plugin.