MobSpawners 1.0.1

A simple way to spawn monster spawners

  1. Creper_face

    Hello everyone my name is Mark and I am here to proudly present my new plugin called MobSpawners! here's what it can do

    About the plugin

    If you ever wanted to have lets say a faction server and you needed to be able to spawn more then just a regular pig spawner then this is the plugin for you!


    /sms list [1-3]
    /sms give [Mob-Type] [Amount]

    So with "/sms list" you will be able to see every mob type available here is how the pages will look like:

    And page two and three will look the same the next command is "/sms
    When you type this command it will give you the requested mob type and amount


    This plugin can be used in meny diffrent ways for example shops, rewards etc.

    *This plugin also supports special mobs such as iron golams and many others*

    Thank you for taking the time to read this thread I hope you will enjoy the plugin if you have any questions or bug reports feel free to tell me so I can make the plugin better.​
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  1. Cartman
    Version: 1.0.1
    Nice plugin m8 :D
    I really like the command when i can get egg xD
    I hope u are gonna accept my 5 rating x.P