Scare players on join @random | Great for halloween

  1. Added World List support

  2. 1.13.1

    This upload is a re-upload for 1.13.1.

    While 1.12.2 should in theory work for 1.13.1 and up i only focus on 1 version specifically.

    So if 1.12.2 doesn't work for 1.13.1 or names happen to change use this.

    Enjoy! and scare your players!
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  3. 1.12.2 requested

    This is a 1.12.2 only version.
    It may work on 1.11 and perhaps even 1.13 but no guarantees there.
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  4. TitleAPI

    This update adds the ability to send a title as the guardian rolls by the screen.

    New Config:
    Code (Text):
      min: 5
      max: 60
      useTitle: false
      title: '&3Spooky scary Guardian'
      subtitle: '&9Send shivers down your spine'
      fadein: 10
      stay: 15
      fadeout: 10
    This was requested :)
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