MobStacker 2.0.0F

Stack mobs in a highly efficient way to decrease server and FPS lag.

  1. Added option to stop hooking in to worldguard

    Add "use-worldguard: false" in to the config to stop the plugin trying to use worldguard
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  2. End of the line

    Cleaned up the code and added in links to MobStacker2 as not many people will be aware there is a working option.

    Links can be removed from * permissions holders by negating "mobstacker.update" permission.

    There have been no changes in functionality, only some mis-handled errors have been fixed up. This is not a required update.
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  3. Removed Debug Code

    Just removed some degub code which I accidentally left in
  4. mcMMO support, restart safe and more!

    Hey guys!

    Sorry this update took so long, but here it is.

    + - Added features
    # - Fixed bugs
    X - Removed Features

    When a full stack of mobs dies at once while on fire, all the loot will be cooked if possible

    + Magma Cubes now have a loot algorithm and can drop a full stacks worth of loot at once.

    + Stacks now don't EVER disappear. They will stay around even if the chunk becomes unloaded or the server restarts.

    # Commands no longer throw false negatives...
  5. Removed Debug Code

    Hi guys,

    It was brought to my attention that I had left a bit of debug code in the latest release, so this is an identical version to the last file just without that.

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  6. Clear All command for ClearLagg support

    This has been requested many times and I clean forgot about it in the last update, so quickly smashed it out and now uploading.

    Just add 'mobstacker clearall' to the commands section of the ClearLagg configuration.
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  7. "nerf-mob-spawner" continuity and more

    Hey guys, sorry for the long delay on this update, but here it is!

    Main update is that you can now set certain spawn types to be nerfed in the config. This is the same as "nerf-spawner-mobs" in the spigot.yml, but is continuity for stacked mobs. This will not fix the issue with MCMMO points being given from stacks from spawners, and this is being worked on currently.

    You are now able to define which death types kill the whole stack (As requested)

    A few random bugs have also been fixed....
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  8. Bug fix and small additions.

    This plugin fixes a few bugs, some of which were of reasonable importance.

    The Guardian loot algorithm has also been added in meaning support for guardian farms.

    If you have any feature requests, please let me know.

    On the way: Support for nerf-spawner-mobs and chicken farms.
  9. Options to handle fire and minor tweaks

    Just a minor update this time adding in a feature to handle fire and a few tweaks fixing bugs and improving performance.

    Most of the code is now well commented and documented, so the source is now more readable.

    If anyone has any feature requests, please don't hesitate to send them to me.

    Thanks for all the support I've received on this project <3
  10. Console Spam Fix

    Fixed console spam from null pointer exception.
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