MobTools 1.1.1

Show spawn radii and blocks where light-level is low enough for mobs to spawn.

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    This is a Minecraft plugin with some utilities to help with making mob farms and spawn-proofing the surrounding area. This plugin adds a command to draw a sphere around a player (or spawn radius around an afk platform) and a utility to display spawnable blocks around the player. It also adds a command to search the nether roof for a 3x3x3 bedrock "cage" for fighting the wither.

    Code (Text):
    /mksphere <radius> [semisphere?] [force visible?]
    Summons a particle sphere at the player's location
    • radius: number, sphere's radius
    • semisphere?: true or false, only render the bottom half of the sphere
    • force visible?: true or false, force particle visibility at any range (by default particles are only visible from ~30 blocks)
    This is useful for visualizing a spawn radius around an afk platform, simply run "/mksphere 128 true".

    Use "/cancelspheres" to despawn summoned spheres, and a server operator can use "/cancelspheres all" to remove every particle sphere.

    Spawn Visualization

    "/showspawn" will visualize spawnable spaces around the player. Green particles represent safe blocks and white firework trails represent spawnable spaces.

    Running "/showspawn" again will stop showing spawnable spaces.

    "/showspawn" can also take a light level argument. Light level can be an integer 0-15 or "any". This is helpful for the nether which has complicated spawn rules. Running "/showspawn [light level]" will update the current visualization's light level instead of cancelling the current visualization.

    Wither Cage Finder

    "/locatebedrockcage" will scan the area surrounding the player and locate a 3x3x3 bedrock cube in the nether. This formation is useful as a cage to trap and kill a wither.


    The plugin provides the following permission nodes:
    Code (Text):
    | node                       | default | description                                    |
    | mobtools.spheres           | false   | permission to create and remove spheres        |
    | mobtools.showspawn         | false   | gives access to the /showspawn command         |
    | mobtools.locatebedrockcage | false   | gives access to the /locatebedrockcage command |
    | mobtools.all               | op      | gives access to all commands                   |
    Please check out the gallery below for demos and the README on GitHub for more info.


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