Mobulate 2

Make mobs stronger further away from spawn!

  1. Taurhuzz
    • Increase health and damage of monsters based on the distance from spawn (or any location)
    • Customize the scale to any number of your liking
    • Choose which entities you want to use
    • Optional nametag above monsters that show their health
    • No commands.
    How To Use:
    1. Download and install plugin to /plugins
    2. Run server
    3. Open mobs.yml in /plugins/Mobulate and change config to true to generate a default file on next restart.
    4. Restart server
    5. Make changes to mobs.yml to your liking, then restart the server again.
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Recent Updates

  1. Version 2 update

Recent Reviews

  1. tinkeringmatt
    Version: 2
    I love this plugin
    im on 1.15.2
    it works kinda
    only problem is that passive mobs randomly stopped getting their hp boosted
    ANy ideas?

    Also can you update it, Im sure something has changed in 6 years XD
  2. FrontierMC
    Version: 2
    Will the mob actually gets harder and harder till you 1 shot die? By that I mean like you are wearing diamond armor and having diamond sword will it be super hard like EnderDragon. I really hope you could make this changes by like how hard will the mob can only be minimum and maximum. :D Because my server is already in Hardmode lol
  3. FireSpawn
    Version: 2
    Excellent plugin. Can't wait to see more updates.