ModelMaker 1.0

Create minecraft models from ingame builds!

  1. Autom
    This plugin is for minecraft model creators! All you need is worldedit and this plugin, select the area you want to convert to a model with the worldedit wand, then type /make [filename]. This will create a file in this plugin's folder with a model of the area you've selected!

    Command: /make [filename]
    Permission: modelmaker.make

    The config file contains a list of texture name to materials conversion. If a block and it's textures aren't in there, then the plugin won't know what to do with that block.

    If this plugin gets some attention, I will definitely add more model support, because it's fairly limited at the moment.

Recent Reviews

  1. Yom
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome plugin!!!!! 1 Problem however! I cant seem to change the size of anything I create in the thirsdperson position? I know how to hard code it into it at the bottom of the file "thirdperson" etc and I did it all right (Done it before) but for some reason I cannot edit any of my creations in the thirdperson view. Any help?
    1. Autom
      Author's Response
      Hey, haven't personally done much special with third person stuff, but I'll have a look at it! Thanks for the feedback :)