Moderate CapsLock 1.0

Allow or block capslock words

  1. Zerphisrax
    Code (Text):
    # Enable/disable entire plugin
    enableNoCaps: true

    # Enable/disable overriding of messages when caps detected
    enableMessageOverride: false

    # Message to override player message if enabled
    overrideMessage: "I like purple penguins!"

    # Enable/disable sending a message to a player when caps detected
    enablePlayerMessage: false

    # Message to send to player if enabled
    playerMessage: "Sorry, but you used too many caps!"

    # Enable/disable forcing lowercase on all messages
    # MessageOverride must be disabled to use this feature
    enableForceLowercase: true

    # Maximum caps to allow in a row
    # Allows everything lower than this number
    capsInRow: 3

    # Maximum percentage of caps in the message to allow
    totalCapsPercentage: 50

    # Phrases to ignore when forcing lowercase
      - "I"
      - "TS"
      - "IP"
      - "US"
      - ":D"
      - ":P"
      - "AFK"
      - "BRB"
      - "OMG"
      - "STFU"
      - "LEAVE"
      - "WOW"
      - "LOL"