Modern LWC - Continuation of LWC 2.1.5

An updated version of the LWC block protection plugin

  1. Tsuser
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Hidendra, pop4959, Me_Goes_RAWR,,
    Languages Supported:
    English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish


    LWC is the longest-lived single block protection plugin, that protects both the blocks themselves and their contents. Originally designed in 2010 for locking chests (hence the name "Lightweight Chests"), it can be configured to lock any block.

    LWC supports CraftBukkit, Spigot, and Paper servers. Links to stable releases for specific versions of MineCraft can be found in the Version History tab. Recommended versions are as follows:

    LWC 1.9.6 for MC 1.8.8-1.12.2
    LWC 2.1.5 for MC 1.13.0-1.14.3

    Development builds of the plugin may also be found on the build server and various mirrors. Keep in mind that these may contain bugs.

    Ender Zone (Mirror): LWC/
    PaperMC (Mirror):
    EcoCityCraft (Mirror):
    Help & Support

    First time using LWC? Fortunately, the plugin is easy to use. Simply download, drop it into your plugins folder, and restart your server -- blocks such as chests should now lock automatically when placed!

    Information on how to use and configure LWC is available on our wiki.

    For additional support, either directly post in the discussion section here on Spigot, or join us on Discord! Generally questions asked on Discord will be answered much more quickly than on Spigot. DO NOT use the review section to ask for help. If you do so, you will most likely be ignored. Thank you.
    Other Resources

    Servers using LWC - Website
    Aevony - Website - Website

    Want your server listed here? Contact us with details about your server, and it may be featured here!

    Unofficial Addons for LWC

    Thank you for supporting LWC! Donations motivate continued support and development of the plugin, which is primary done by contributors in their free time.

    $50+ Donators
    Want your name/server here? If you've donated $10 or more, simply send me a message with your username, server IP (optional), and PayPal transaction ID after donating.

    Author's Note
    Permission was granted by Hidendra (the original author of LWC) to release this fork of the plugin. Unfortunately, the original version of the plugin is no longer available (however, there are few major changes between this version and the original).

Recent Reviews

  1. SilkPenny
    Version: 2.1.5
    Cannot recommend this longstanding resource enough! It's a must-have on many public servers and easy to use for both owners and players. Working flawlessly on 1.14.4, too. Thanks for the great work and hope you keep it going!
  2. sannielollie
    Version: 2.1.5
    Perfect plugin, thanks for continuing this! Using the older LWC for years already and now its working on 1.14 too :) Thank you!
  3. DarthGpR
    Version: 2.1.5
    super plugin, this make my server better :)) :)
  4. oldfart
    Version: 2.1.5
    No hassle update to 1.14.4 Thank you so much for keeping this resource available and updated.
  5. ArrowMark
    Version: 2.1.5
    Perfect plugin! how can i integrate factionsuuid? when i claim a chest who protect by lwc it say "An internal error ocurred while attempting to perform this comman." in the folder "worldguard" enable: true but the error still there, in the rest options is it true or false?
  6. Alphine
    Version: 2.1.5
    Works like a charm! Perfect for my custom survival server! Thank you for updating this amazing plugin.
  7. Chiayi
    Version: 2.1.4
    Pop is hands down the nicest developer I’ve talked to on spigot. Always so helpful and kind. I rate Pop a 10/5!
    And... the plugins nice yea.. been using LWC since forever so not much more to say about it. Functional and bug-less. (To the extent that I haven’t hit any bugs yet) 5/5 for the plugin, not as good as developer.
  8. EpicProt
    Version: 2.1.4

    Thanks for the 1.14 update!!! ;-)

  9. Roy7885
    Version: 2.1.4
    Hmmm update fast <(")
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    1. Tsuser
      Author's Response
      Haha, yeah. Sorry if there was a lot of update spam. There were some fixes for an old version of LWC for a while now. And 2.1.3 was ready around the time that 1.14 came out (so we didn't want to release it to confuse people thinking it would work on 1.14). So everything ended up getting released at the same time. ;)
  10. burturt
    Version: 2.1.2
    Just amazing! Locks chests and basically any block you want with a simple /lock + punch, no signs and is customizable like allow hoppers to interact with locked chests.