ModeWarps 3.0

An easy-to-use warping and teleportation plugin including a simple GUI.

  1. Moderocky
    Moderocky, sky_general109
    ModeWarps is a plugin that handles warping and server teleportation. It allows players to go to a specific place that you have set for them. This can be used so that players can transport to a location, for instance a PvP arena or a shop.

    It has a simple GUI that lists your warps, and you can easily send players to a warp location.

    The intended use for this is on a server with a gamemode like survival, factions, creative or towny. It does not handle things like minigames, and it is not advised that you use it to set them up. It is also not for inter server teleportation.

    Basic uses for the plugin include:
    • Setting a warp for a rules board.
    • Setting a warp somewhere on the map so that people can get away from spawn quicker.
    • Setting a warp at anywhere you want to mark for players to travel to.
    The config has options to change both the prefix for the warp messages, and the error message.
    All colour codes work: &1-&0, &a-&f, &k-&o. &u or any other customised ones from different plugins will not work with this.

    The warps.yml file contains the locations. If there is a bug with one of the warps it can be removed directly in that.

    Only known bugs: Will display command usage when you warp. (In some situations with essentials) Message text is prefixed '&7', will be fixed when I have time.

    Want to see this in action? Most of the secret development builds of our plugins are on our network:

Recent Reviews

  1. QuickScythe
    Version: 3.0
    10 out of 10. Love it. Not much else to say, other than it's great, but it's making me use like 100 letters. :)