Modify Player Default [Modify default health, movementspeed, flyspeed etc.] [ENG] [TH] 1.3

Modify = Health,Movement speed,fly speed,etc. [TH][ENG]

  1. Modify Player Default Update to version 1.3

    What new!!
    Allow player to pick up item?
    New config!
    Fix somebugs
  2. Update resource to version 1.2 and fix bugs

    What new?
    Add: set-resourcepack
    Fix: movement speed
  3. Hot fix resource version 1.1.0

    Hot fix!!
    Fix bug base health.
  4. Update resource to version 1.1

    What new?
    Add: reload commands - (/mpdreload) (need to rejoin server)
    Add: FoodLevel
    Add: Allow Sprint (true/false)

    And Change plugin name to: modify player default