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A Modular and Customizable Core Plugin.

  1. Buctudonto
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    All (configurable)
    A Modular, Highly Configurable, Customizable Core Plugin!

    FOR 1.17 Dev Builds -

    My Goal
    The goal of ModuCore is to create a plugin that will work as a core for servers while they are growing. As they hire developers, or start writing their own plugins to do the things that ModuCore does, they can very easily disable features as they go, replacing them with their own solutions. The Developer API also help achieve this, providing access to all the data that ModuCore stores about players, making for a very easy switch if you choose to migrate!

    There is a step by step guide on the ModuCore Wiki.

    Note: ModuCore requires Java 11

    • Modules (among many other files to configure)
      • ModuCore works right out of the box, however if you chose to configure it to fit your server there are tons of options.
      • You can literally enable/disable any feature on the fly to 100% customize ModuCore to your liking, while leaving room for other plugins you are using!
    • Sign Commands
      • Completely Customizable Sign Commands! Just add anything you want to the config file, then you can use it as the first line of a sign to run that command. Supports commands ran as the player & the console!
      • Read more here!
    • Kits
      • Create kits in game, add cooldowns, player and console commands to execute when the kit is given, and more!
      • Kits on first join!
        • Can be paired nicely with a custom welcome message if you choose.
    • Holograms
      • Supports Pagination, Editing, Updating Lines, Placeholders, Hex Colors, and More!
    • 60+ Commands
      • From the basics like fly and gamemode to sudo to teleportation to warps, spawns and homes, there is likely a command for what you need in ModuCore! If there isn't, just contact me on my discord and I will be happy to add it!
      • /wild - Teleport to random locations within a configurable radius
    • Custom Join / Leave Messages (with hex support)
    • Auto Broadcaster
    • Group Based Server Lockdowns
      • /lockdown <group name>
      • Only players with the specific permission for that group name can join the server which locked down.
    • Custom Placeholders
    • Markdown Chat & Messages
      • Hex Support, Hover / Click Events, links and more!
      • Messages sent to players also support the same syntax.
    • "CSS Variables" in the Language File
      • You can set "variables" for different colors, prefixes, and more that you use frequently.
    • Wiki Page
      • The Wiki has been written specifically to make your life easier, guiding you on how to use many features of the plugin. Of course if you have any questions, I am happy to help in my discord!
    • Price
      • ModuCore will be Free and Open Sourced forever! If you would like to donate, you can do so at the link above, however I do not expect it. This is a free resource! Use it as you like!
    • Developer API
      • ModuCore features a verbose developer API. One of my initial goals with this project was to allow you to transition away from ModuCore as you write your own core for your sever. I believe the Developer API will make that very easy!
    Support, Issues & Contributing
    If you need support, please join moducore's discord.
    If you encounter any issues please report them in my discord or on the github issues page:
    If you would like to fix an issue yourself, you are free to do so and then pull request the fix! That is always appreciated.

Recent Reviews

  1. Troottsy
    Version: 0.5.0
    This is the best plugin I have ever used. The Person who made it was so helpful when I needed help and this plugin will be used on all of my servers. I will recommend it to all my friends. The plugin is easy to use and I can use it without having any problems.
    1. Buctudonto
      Author's Response
      Glad you enjoyed the plugin!
  2. Craftizz
    Version: v0.1.1
    Incredible Plugin and Great Developer! The paginated hologram feature is the next generation!
    1. Buctudonto
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind words! Glad you like the plugin!