ModularArmor 1.3.1

Create a new armor which can be modified with upgrades

  1. manimax3
    This plugin makes it possible to add different upgrades to a armor.
    Current available upgrades are :
    • DamageReduction (Reduces incoming damage by 1 per level)
    • FireAbsorption (The higher the level the higher the chance (10% per level) getting the last damage by fire double back)
    • PosionAbsorption (Same as FireApsorption just with poision damage)
    • Unbreakable (self-explaining)
    If you want that the upgrades can be purchased with (ingame-) money you have to install Vault ( + EconomyPlugin).
    Then just drop the ModularArmor.jar into the Plugins Folder of your Spigot/Bukkit Server.
    And finally start the server. If everything went well you shouldn't see any errors.

    In your plugin folder should now be a ModularArmor folder with config.yml, localization.yml and data.yml inside.
    You can ignore the data.yml. In the localization.yml you can change the most messages of the plugin.
    In the config.yml you can change the chance to lose the diamond block and the time (in seconds) you have to wait until the creation finishes (more about that later).

    Furthermore you can change the Base Price of the upgrades and the Raising Constant. The price for an upgrade is calculated by:
    Price = BasePrice * RaisingConstant ^ Level

    The Config may change from time to time (e.g. new Upgrades added) so you can update it with /maupdate config

    Ingame you can create an empty ModularArmor by placing a DiamondBlock and dropping a DiamondArmor (has to be fresh) on top of it, then just righ click the DiamondBlock, depending on your config settings you have to wait several seconds and depending how high the chance to lose the DiamondBlock is, the block can explode and remove the armor with (other blocks wont be damaged) or you get a empty ModularArmor back (just look at the display name).

    Now with the Armor in your hand just right click and a gui should open where you can buy upgrades.

    /mar (Just reloads the config)
    /maupdate [config|localization] (Gets new Config|Localization Yml File)

    modulararmor.reload Reloading the config (/mar)
    modulararmor.update /maupdate Command
    modulararmor.create Creating a ModularArmor
    modulararmor.use Open the Gui of a ModularArmor


    • More Upgrades
    • Complete Localization
    • Add MySQL support / remove need of data storage
    • More Upgrades
    I would be glad to hear some opinions and ideas for the plugin.

Recent Reviews

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    Version: A1.2
    Awesome plugin, lets see what will become in the future!
    1. manimax3
      Author's Response
      Thank You!
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    Version: A1.0.1
    1. manimax3
      Author's Response
      thank you