ModularLobbySystem (Bungeecord Support) 1.0.1

Lobby-System Plugin with Bungeecord Support

  1. TrickShotMLG
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    ModularLobbySystem v1.0.1

    • Set a custom Spawnposition
    • Enable/Disable Playerdamage
    • Enable/Disable Playerhunger
    • Enable/Disable Explosiondamage
    • Buildmode
    • Flymode
    • Updatechecker
    • more coming soon
    (if you have any ideas for features just leave a comment or pm me)

    • /lobbyreload (lobby.reload) - Reloads Configuration/Messagefiles
    • /setspawn (lobby.setspawn) - Sets Lobby Spawn
    • /spawn (lobby.spawn) - Teleports you to the Spawn you have set
    • /build ( - Enables/Disables Buildmode for you
    • /fly ( - Enables/Disables Fly for you
    • /toggledamage (lobby.toggledamage) - Enables/Disables Playerdamage
    • /togglehunger (lobby.togglehunger) - Enables/Disables Playerhunger
    • /toggleexplosions (lobby.toggleexplosions) - Enables/Disables Explosions

    * Scoreboard support coming soon!
    * Bungeecord support in next Release (Fixing some bugs)!

    Code (Text):
      Show: true
      Line01: Lobbyserver
      Line02: ''
      Line03: ''
      Line04: ''
      Line05: ''
      Line06: ''
      Line07: ''
      Line08: ''
      Line09: ''
      Line10: ''
      Line11: ''
    FoodLevel: 20
    PlayerHealth: 20.0
    disableHunger: true
    disableDamage: true
    disableExplosions: true
    spawnAtSpawn: true
    defaultGamemode: adventure
      x: -20.669680559231498
      y: 14.0
      z: 63.434419566974015
      yaw: -287.5332
      pitch: -4.0679946

    Code (Text):
    noPermission: '&4&lYou dont have enough Permissions to execute this command'
    commandNotFound: '&4&lThis command wasn''t found'
    configReloadSuccess: '&bSuccessfully reloaded Plugin Configs'
    configReloadError: '&4Error while reloading Plugin Configs'
    spawnSetSuccess: '&bSuccessfully set Spawn location'
    spawnSetError: '&4Error while setting Spawn location'
    spawnTpSuccess: '&bSuccessfully teleported to Spawn'
    spawnTpError: '&4Error while teleporting to Spawn'
    spawnTpNotSet: '&4Spawnposition not set! Use &o/setspawn &4to set Spawn location'
    flyEnabled: '&aFly is now &2&o&lEnabled'
    flyDisabled: '&aFly is now &4&o&lDisabled'
    buildEnabled: '&aBuildmode is now &2&o&lEnabled'
    buildDisabled: '&aBuildmode is now &4&o&lDisabled'
    damageEnabled: '&aDamage is now &2&o&lEnabled'
    damageDisabled: '&aDamage is now &4&o&lDisabled'
    hungerEnabled: '&aHunger is now &2&o&lEnabled'
    hungerDisabled: '&aHunger is now &4&o&lDisabled'
    explosionsEnabled: '&aExplosions are now &2&o&lEnabled'
    explosionsDisabled: '&aExplosions are now &4&o&lDisabled'