Modulated Commands 1.1

Show user's commands for ranks.

  1. inspironwins

    Ever had someone on your server ask what commands a rank had? Even though you have the commands and or permissions posted on your website or somewhere on the server? ModulatedCommands is here for you.

    ====** Features: **====
    * Show users commands for ranks on your server with a very simple and easy to use command.
    * You can use minecraft color codes in the config file.
    * Unlimited rank input.
    * Can easily add or change commands list for ranks.

    ==== **How does the plugin know what ranks and commands my server has?** ====
    There is a quick and easy setup for the plugin which is explained below.

    ===** Plugin Setup **===
    1. Place .jar into directory.
    2. Start up server.
    3. In console or in game type /cmdsetup <a rank name>
    4. Example ( /cmdsetup admin)
    5. Type this for each rank your server has.
    6. When you are done adding your ranks, go to the config and type in the commands for their ranks.
    7. After you are done adding your commands for their ranks, type /cmdsetup done or /commands reload (both do the same thing)
    8. You are done! Go into console or game and type /commands <rank name>

    ====** Plugin Commands:** ====
    |/cmdsetup| Inputs the ranks|
    |/cmdsetup done| Finishes the rank input and reloads plugin|
    |/commands|Main plugin command, shows commands for a rank|
    |/commands reload| Reloads plugin|

    ====** Plugin Permissions: **====
    |modulatedcommands.commands| Gives access to /commands <rank name>|
    |modulatedcommands.reload| Gives access to /commands reload|
    |modulatedcommands.cmdsetup|Gives access to /cmdsetup <all args>|

    ==== **To do:** ====
    * Make the config able to read a colon

    ==== **Notes** ====
    You must be at earliest on java version 1.8

    You can use minecraft color codes in the config file!

    Please send me suggestions or problems in a message. Thanks.