MoEdibles [Retired] 1.0.2

Give your server more foods!

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:

    A plugin that makes 13 previously inedible items in the game edible and adds 10 new natural foods to the game, plus an optional bonus OP food and 2 optional special items!

    Note: The OP food and special items are completely optional and are disabled by default in the config file.

    This plugin will also ONLY work with Minecraft 1.11+.

    If there are any issues with this plugin or if you want to suggest a feature please let me know, I will try to respond as soon as I can!

    List of New Foods and Hunger Levels:

    *Note: Every 2 points of hunger = 1 drumstick thing on your health bar being filled.

    Normal Foods:
    -Brown Mushroom (Hunger: +2, Saturation: +1)
    -Red Mushroom (Hunger: +2, Saturation: +1)
    -Seeds (Hunger: +1, Saturation: +0.5)
    -Beetroot Seeds (Hunger: +1, Saturation: +0.5)
    -Mellon Seeds (Hunger: +1, Saturation: +0.5)
    -Pumpkin Seeds (Hunger: +1, Saturation: +0.5)
    -Sugar (Hunger: +2, Saturation: +3)
    -Glistering Melon (Hunger: +4, Saturation: +2)
    -Carrot on a Stick (Hunger: +3, Saturation: +3.6)
    -Cocoa Beans (Hunger: +1, Saturation: +0.5)
    -Popped Chorus Fruit (Hunger: +8, Saturation: +12.8)
    -Rabbit's Foot (Hunger: +2, Saturation: +4)
    -Pumpkin (Hunger: +3, Saturation: +3)
    -Cooked Brown Mushroom (Hunger: +4, Saturation: +2)
    -Cooked Red Mushroom (Hunger: +4, Saturation: +2)
    -Cooked Seeds (Hunger: +2, Saturation: +1)
    -Cooked Beetroot Seeds (Hunger: +2, Saturation: +1)
    -Cooked Mellon Seeds (Hunger: +2, Saturation: +1)
    -Cooked Pumpkin Seeds (Hunger: +2, Saturation: +1)
    -Cooked Egg (Hunger: +2, Saturation: +2)
    -Cooked Carrot (Hunger: +6, Saturation: +8)
    -Cooked Rabbit's Foot (Hunger: +4, Saturation: +8)
    -Cooked Pumpkin (Hunger: +6, Saturation: +6)
    OP Food:
    -Manna (Hunger: +40, Saturation: +40)
    Special Items:
    Spoiler in case you want to find out what they are on your own.
    -Nuka-Cola (nk in the config file) (Nausea 1 (3 sec), Instant Health 2)
    -Nuka-Cola Quantum (nkq in the config file) (Nausea 1 (3 sec), Instant Health 10)


    -Creative mode inventory for all the new foods
    -Vanilla feeling /give command with permissions
    -New foods still have the normal eating sounds
    -New foods still slow they player down when they eat them
    -Plays cannot spam eat the foods
    -10 new furnace recipes
    -3 new optional crafting recipes
    -Cooked "block" foods cannot be placed on the ground (ex: you can't place a cooked pumpkin on the ground)
    -If the player has no hunger missing the item will be used normally by default. However, if a consumable item needs to be used normally when the player does have hunger missing, the player can sneak to avoid eating it (ex: sneak to plant seeds instead of eat them).
    For Developers:
    -Eating custom items should work fully with PlayerItemConsumeEvent

    Permissions and Commands:

    Code (Text):
            description: Use of /moedibles related commands
            usage: /moedibles <arg>
            description: Allows the use of /moedibles help
            default: true
            description: Allows the use of /moedibles foods in creative mode
            default: true
            description: Allows the use of /moedibles give (<amount>)
            default: op


    * ==> means smelts into

    -Brown Mushroom ==> Cooked Brown Mushroom
    -Red Mushroom ==> Cooked Red Mushroom
    -Seeds ==> Cooked Seeds
    -Beetroot Seeds ==> Cooked Beetroot Seeds
    -Mellon Seeds ==> Cooked Mellon Seeds
    -Pumpkin Seeds ==> Cooked Pumpkin Seeds
    -Egg ==> Cooked Egg
    -Carrot ==> Cooked Carrot
    -Rabbit's Foot ==> Cooked Rabbit's Foot
    -Pumpkin ==> Cooked Pumpkin


    | B | B | B |
    | B | B | B |
    | B | B | B |

    B = Bread

    *These are the special item recipes, see spoiler section for abbrivations

    | S | W| S |
    | S | B | S |
    | S | S | S |

    S = Sugar
    B = Glass Bottle
    W= Water Bucket

    | S | W| S |
    | S | B | S |
    | S | D | S |

    S = Sugar
    B = Glass Bottle
    W = Water Bucket
    D = Diamond