MondoChest 1.0

Neatly organize all of your materials into different chests.

  1. 2fast08
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Do you like having your materials all neatly organized into different chests, but hate the work required to organize them? Do you find yourself dumping everything into one chest, to deal with it later? MondoChest is for you.

    How it Works
    MondoChest lets you designate a master chest (by using a special sign) where you can dump your stuff. You then designate "slave" chests where your stuff will go to. They can be downstairs, upstairs, in another room, however you like (within a configurable radius.)

    MondoChest will then see what's in each chest, and then decides where things get 'shelved' based on what's already in there. For example, one slave box has rails and powered rails in it, and another has wood planks and logs in it. If you dump wood into the master chest, it will be moved into the appropriate slave.

    How to Use
    Step 1
    Designate a master chest by putting a "[MondoChest]" sign next to the chest.


    now right-click the MondoChest sign, you should see a message like: MondoChest: Created bank with 0 chests.

    Step 2
    For any storage chests you have, create a sign with the first line containing "[MondoSlave]" next to the chest.

    Note the sign must be a wall-mounted sign, signs standing on posts will not work.


    right-click the slave sign to add it to the MondoChest bank you created, and repeat for any number of slave chests.

    You will see a message like: MondoChest: Added 2 slaves to bank

    Step 3
    Any time you have new items to sort, dump items into the master chest and then right-click the MondoChest sign. Items will be moved into a slave chest which already contains that item. Any items which don't have a known destination chest will stay in the source chest

    To install, place MondoChest.jar in your plugins folder. A configuration file will be created with default configuration.

    For detailed configuration docs, read Configuration

    Tips and Tricks
    1. chests can be on any side of the sign, and one [MondoSlave] sign can handle multiple chests, allowing you to save on signs: Chest Positioning Example
    2. Don't like seeing the signs in your pretty chest room? dig a hole under the chest, and hide the [MondoSlave] sign down there. Sideways signs can also go behind chests in the wall.
    3. Multiple master chests can share the same slave chests. For example, you can have a MondoChest at the front gate and another at the rear gate of your castle, and everything gets shelved into the slaves in the castle vault downstairs. Do this by clicking one master, then run around right-clicking all the slaves to add them to the master. Repeat this for any other masters.
    MondoChest generally works fine with the default configuration. However, many configuration options exist to further customize its capabilities.

    First you need this in config.yml:

    permissions: SuperPerms

    Valid permissioning systems:

    • SuperPerms Use Bukkit's built-in permissioning. This supports Essentials GroupManager, PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions, and several others just fine. In addition, if your permissioning system is not working for some reason, or you don't have one at all, defaults to allowing only ops to perform all mondochest.admin actions.
    • Vault Use Vault for permissioning.
    Permissions include:

    • mondochest.use: Allows right-clicking MondoChests to shelve items (default: true)
    • mondochest.create_master: Allows setting up new MondoChests (default: ops)
    • mondochest.add_slave: Allows right-clicking MondoSlave signs to add new slaves to a MondoChest (default: ops)
    • mondochest.find: Find how many of an item and where across all slaves
    • mondochest.*: All of the above.
    • mondochest.add_signless_slave: Add a slave without a sign. Still needs to meet normal requirements (limits, etc)
    • mondochest.admin.add_any_slave: Allows adding slaves ignoring ownership
    • mondochest.admin.break_any: Break anyone's MondoChest signs/chests
    • mondochest.admin.open_any: Allows opening anyone's MondoChests (only applies when protection: chest_open is set)
    • mondochest.admin.reload: Allow access to the /mondochest reload command
    • mondochest.admin.no_master_limit: Can create unlimited MondoChests (only applies when the mondochests: per_user limit is set)
    • mondochest.admin.*: All admin permissions
    • mondochest.limits.<group name> Set up limit groups for a user.
    If you want protection on the specialty [MondoChest] signs and don't want to use a general protection plugin (or it's not sufficient for this use case) then MondoChest 0.5 can provide various types of protection.

    • signs Turning this on stops anyone but the owner of a sign (or someone with the mondochest.admin.break_any permission) from breaking the sign. Furthermore, with this on, breaking a sign can be utilized to remove chests from a bank.
    • chest_break Turning this on stops anyone but the owner of a mondochest from breaking the chest.
    • chest_open (version 0.6 and up) Turning this on stops anyone but the users allowed to access a mondochest (set with the /mondo allow command) from looking inside the chest, and also from doing a find in the chest.
    Item Re-Stacking
    MondoChest has an optional additional feature: item restacking. What this can do is stack materials up which don't normally stack (or restack to small amounts, such as snowballs and eggs.) To use this you must set at least one of `restack_master` or `restack_slaves` to true and configure the 'restack_materials' option in the config.yml.

    To allow signs, snowballs, and eggs to stack to 64, use this in the config:

    - SIGN
    - EGG

    Item ID's must be the Material constants from the Bukkit Javadocs

    WARNING do not specify restack_materials with any technical block ids, special blocks, or anything with damage values or you could end up destroying enchants, or dup'ing damage, etc.

    Limits are set to prevent people from abusing MondoChest, and also in order to allow server ops to limit how many MondoChests or slaves people have. All of this directly can affect the speed of your server, so it's important to set these sensibly.

    Performance-related limits

    • find_max_radius This specifically affects the /mondo find command. It determines how far you can be from the master chest for using the find command. If this is set too high, and the mondochest is in chunks that are not loaded, the chunks will be loaded to get the contents of the chests, which is very slow.
    • slave_max_add_radius This specifies how far a slave chest can be (in any direction, including up or diagonal) from the master chest. If set to more than about 160, this can cause chunks to be loaded whenever a user uses a mondochest to shelve items. Recommend keeping this at something sensible like 150 or less.
    User-related limits

    • mondochests_per_user This specifically limits how many MondoChest masters a user can have.
    • slaves_per_master This specifically limits how many MondoSlave chests (not signs, a sign can possibly add up to 4 chests) can be had per mondochest. Note this is only enforced at add time, and has no effect on using MondoChest. Say a user's limit is 10, an admin can add 15 slaves to that user's MondoChest and everything works fine, but that user can't add any until they remove down to under 10.

Recent Reviews

  1. HarlWindwolf
    Version: 1.0
    This was an excellent plugin that helped us with our storage for a while, but then sadly stopped working. There are even still a few signs with [MondoChest] or [MondoSlave] on them, almost like little homages.
  2. Tommy10606
    Version: 1.0
    Plugin was amazing. Now it needs to be updated as it spits errors when installed with LWC and MCMMO.
  3. GameCharmer
    Version: 1.0
    This was amazing back in the day. Complete shame that it hasn't been updated in ages. :(
  4. Precisi
    Version: 1.0
    I loved this and would be thrilled to see it updated again :D It's so quick and easy to set up.
  5. GreenMist10
    Version: 1.0
    Best Chest/Item sorting plugin ever made. PLEASE update. All the others I have tried are garbage.
  6. Derpingtonishere
    Version: 1.0
    Can you please update the plugin? Or at least give the source code so people can have an updated version of it? Do something with it?
  7. RoelandCache
    Version: 1.0
    The most amazing chest plugin ever. For years, I have dreamed about this very plugin. Thank you! This is a game-changer!
    1. 2fast08
      Author's Response
      You're welcome!