MoneyHunters - Earn money for simple jobs! [1.16 - 1.18] 6.0.1

Earn money for killing mobs, players, mining blocks and fishing!

  1. NightExpress
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Languages Supported:
    Chinese (中文)

    MoneyHunters is a simple plugin, that adds a bit more ways to earn money for your players.
    With MoneyHunters, they can earn money for killing mobs (including MythicMobs), fishing, farming, digging and mining!
    And you can even create your own ways for that!

    Take a look at the Pro (Premium) version: Pro Version

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    Also, you MUST HAVE installed
    Vault + Any economy plugin

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    Money Jobs
    Create unlimited amount of custom jobs to earn money for different actions, such as Break Blocks, Kill Mobs, Fishing.

    Money Items
    When completing job's objectives, a money item will be dropped (from blocks, mobs, fish, etc.).

    Item will be protected (configurable) from being picked up by other players.

    If there are other money items in a few blocks away spawned by the same job and the same player, they will be merged into one item (configurable).

    Player can 'pickup' money items even with full inventory (configurable).

    Money Boosters:
    Create global and personal money boosters to increase incoming job exp and money amount!

    In config, you can define unlimited amount of Global, applicable to all players, money boosters with configurable exp and money modifiers, list of applicable jobs, and with days and times when this booster is active.

    Also, in config, you can create Rank boosters that will be applicable to players with certain permission group only. It's similar to global boosters, but permanently active.

    To create a Personal player booster you can use /addbooster subcommand. Personal boosters given for certain time (like 1 hour, 3 days, 1 week, etc.) and active until that time is expired.

    You can disable money and exp drop in certain worlds.
    You can disable money and exp drop in certain WorldGuard regions.
    You can disable money and exp drop in AdvancedMobArena.

    Job Objectives
    Create unlimited amount of objectives for each job!

    Each objective has configurable min. and max. exp and money values that player will obtain.
    Each objective has a configurable chance value, that defines the probability of money and exp drop.

    You can set negative amount of money/exp to drop. In this case player will lose specified amount of exp/money for this job.

    Death Penalty
    This feature has been already described above, but in case if you missed it:

    A special feature that allows to make player drop some money on death with configurable chance!
    Amount of money is defined as percent of player's balance.

    You can disable item drop, so player will lost money directly from balance.
    When item drop is enabled, any other player can pickup it.

    Leveling System
    Enhance proccess of money earning by in-built leveling system!
    The higher level - the more money for job you gain!

    You can set different levels, exp values and formulas for each job.
    You can set different amount of gained exp for each job objective.

    Level downgrade is possible! You can provide negative exp values for certain job objectives.

    This feature can be disabled completely.

    Glitch Protection:
    There are also a few methods to prevent cheating in money and exp farming!

    You can disable money and exp drop from mobs spawned by certain reasons, like Spawn Eggs, Spawners, etc.

    Money and exp are not dropped for players in Creative gamemode.
    Money and exp are not dropped for blocks placed by players. This also checks for 'falling' blocks (like sand), for blocks moved by pistons, etc.

    For growing blocks (like Wheat, Carrots, etc.) money and exp are given only when block is fully growth.



    Available Job Types
    KILL_ENTITY: Earn money for killing vanilla mobs.
    KILL_MYTHIC: Earn money for killing mobs from MythicMobs.
    BLOCK_BREAK: Earn money for breaking certain blocks.
    FISHING: Earn money for catching fish.

    /mh [help] - Main command.
    /mh stats [player] - View your or specified player current stats.
    /mh info <job> - View info and stats about specified job.
    /mh addbooster <player> <job> <money> <exp> <minutes> - Add personal job booster to a player.
    /mh addexp <player> <job> <amount> - Add/take exp to/from player job progress.
    /mh addlevel <player> <job> <amount> - Add/take level(s) to/from player job progress.
    /mh reload - Reload the plugin and database.

    moneyhunters.admin: Full plugin access.
    moneyhunters.user: User access to basic plugin features.
    moneyhunters.job.<id>: Access to specified job. Where id is job file name.

    moneyhunters.bypass: Bypasses all the plugin restrictions.

    moneyhunters.bypass.death_penalty: Bypass Death Penalty feature.

Recent Updates

  1. 6.0.1 Fix
  2. 6.0.1
  3. 1.18 Support

Recent Reviews

  1. HorrendousEntity
    Version: 6.0.1
    obfuscated. this simple fact is enough to completely dislike the plugin. why would you even do that?
    1. NightExpress
      Author's Response
      obfuscated? wtf? it never has been, open your eyes
  2. Its_Terp
    Version: 5.9.10
    Great plugin for economy. Plugin maker is very supportive. Thanks for the help! One suggestion would be to add a farming job built in. However making it myself wasn't too bad.
  3. KarryWangTW
    Version: 5.9.10
    1.17.11 This plug-in is not available, can I upgrade the version? thanks
  4. ThatOverPowered
    Version: 5.9.10
    Such a nice plugin, but, why do mobs only drop money sometimes
  5. Mineguy_
    Version: 5.9.10
    This is a great plugin. I love the idea, but for some reason, MONEYHUNTERS & NEXENGINE does not support Java v14.0...
  6. Laozhuo
    Version: 5.9.10
    Can I set the upper limit of the total amount that can be earned by the job? Isn’t it the maximum amount of a single job
  7. AkbarAnugrah
    Version: 5.9.10
    nice plugin, but my jobs not loaded, is that cause i used paper?
  8. GelZoneUNSAS
    Version: 5.9.10
    I spent a lot of time setting the amount of money dropped, but when I turned on the server for testing, everything I did didn’t drop money, killing mobs, mining, fishing, etc.
    The /mh command also does not work
  9. Xaker
    Version: 5.9.10
    Great plugin. But it doesn't work with MythicMobs. In the console, it writes "Job mythic.yml could not be loaded dur to no dependency installed". I have MythicMobs-4.11.0-SNAPSHOT installed.
  10. DreT
    Version: 5.9.10
    Cool plugin for my server, installed just for the sake of MythicMobs, and then I realized that this is an awesome plugin! It's a shame that one person can reduce the number of stars of the plugin with a review.