MoneyHunters - Earn money for simple jobs! 7.0.4

Earn money for killing mobs, players, mining blocks and fishing! [1.17 - 1.19]

  1. NightExpress
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    • 1.19
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Chinese (中文), Spanish
    MoneyHunters is a simple plugin, that adds a bit more ways to earn money for your players.
    With MoneyHunters, they can earn money for killing mobs (including MythicMobs), fishing, farming, digging and mining!
    And you can even create your own ways for that!

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    Also, you MUST HAVE installed
    Vault + Any economy plugin[/FONT]​

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    Money Jobs
    Create unlimited amount of custom jobs to earn money for different actions, such as Break Blocks, Kill Mobs, Fishing.

    Currency Settings:
    Name that will be displayed on money items.
    ▸ Number and Name formatters.
    ▸ An option to add/take money directly to/from player's balance.
    ▸ An option to make money values are Integers only (aka round decimals)
    ▸ Configurable money item particles and sounds.
    ▸ Death Penalty:

    This feature allows you to make players lose their money on death with configurable chance, min. and max. values of current player's balance.
    You can also can enable/disable item drop, so player can come back to death location to pickup it (other players are able to pickup it too).
    ▸ Custom Item style (material, name, model, etc.) depends on the amount of money:
    Example: For <100 money - Gold Nugget, <200 - Gold Ingot, >200 - Gold Block.

    Money Items
    When completing job's objectives, a money item will be dropped (from blocks, mobs, fish, etc.).

    Item will be protected (configurable) from being picked up by other players.

    If there are other money items in a few blocks away spawned by the same job and the same player, they will be merged into one item (configurable).

    Player can 'pickup' money items even with full inventory (configurable).

    Money Boosters:
    Create global and personal money boosters to increase incoming job exp and money amount!

    In config, you can define unlimited amount of Global Auto, applicable to all players, money boosters with configurable exp and money modifiers, list of applicable jobs, and with days and times when this booster is active.

    In the main config, you can create Rank boosters that will be applicable to players with certain permission group only. It's similar to global boosters, but permanently active.

    To create a custom Personal or Global player booster you can use booster subcommand. These boosters are given for certain time (like 1 hour, 3 days, 1 week, etc.) and active until that time is expired. Personal boosters are saved to the player data. Global boosters will be removed on the server stop or plugin reload.

    You can disable money and exp drop in certain worlds.
    You can disable money and exp drop in certain WorldGuard regions.
    You can disable money and exp drop in AdvancedMobArena.

    Job Objectives
    Create unlimited amount of objectives for each job!

    Each objective has configurable min. and max. exp and money values that player will obtain.
    Each objective has a configurable chance value, that defines the probability of money and exp drop.

    You can set negative amount of money/exp to drop. In this case player will lose specified amount of exp/money for this job.

    Death Penalty
    This feature has been already described above, but in case if you missed it:

    A special feature that allows to make player drop some money on death with configurable chance!
    Amount of money is defined as percent of player's balance.

    You can disable item drop, so player will lost money directly from balance.
    When item drop is enabled, any other player can pickup it.

    Leveling System
    Enhance proccess of money earning by in-built leveling system!
    The higher level - the more money for job you gain!

    You can set different levels, exp values and formulas for each job.
    You can set different amount of gained exp for each job objective.

    Level downgrade is possible! You can provide negative exp values for certain job objectives.

    This feature can be disabled completely.

    Abuse & Duplication Protection:
    The plugin has a built-in system to prevent abusing and cheating money and exp from jobs.

    Money and exp are not dropped from mobs spawned by certain reasons, such as Spawn Eggs, Spawners, etc. (Configurable)
    Money and exp are not dropped for players in certain game mode, such as Creative. (Configurable)
    Money and exp are not dropped for blocks placed by players. Even if blocks were moved by pistons, or fall (sand, gravel).
    Money and exp are not dropped for blocks generated by the world mechanics, such as Obsidian/Stone generators, etc. (Configurable)

    For growing blocks (like Wheat, Carrots, etc.) money and exp are dropped only when block is fully growth.









Recent Updates

  1. 7.0.4
  2. 7.0.3
  3. 7.0.2

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    Version: 7.0.4
    Does not work on 1.19, only gold nuggets fall out, when picked up, the nugget goes into inventory and the player does not receive money
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    Version: 7.0.3
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    Would be a pity. Is really a very good plugin
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    Version: 7.0.3
    It doesn't work 1.19 but it's a legendary plugin please update it something special continued ♥️♥️
  4. Nyukey
    Version: 7.0.3
    How to fix, if player place block and brake, money will be dropped.
    And one other, i have right click crop drop plugin, and when player place pumpkin and melon they dupe money.
  5. LNJJeremy
    Version: 7.0.2

    Very good plugin apart from it, that I expect it gets solved soon :)
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    Version: 7.0.2
    Very good plugin, can I move it Chinese to my World China Forum? Chinese it to the My World China Forum so that Chinese can also use it
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    Version: 7.0.1
    Very good plugin, it was very useful and without any error :) Moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
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    Version: 7.0.1
    Very, very good, I reported a bug and an hour after NightExpress answered me it was already fixed
  9. Nextler
    Version: 6.0.1 Fix
    Good !
  10. zlog_yu
    Version: 6.0.1
    Great and useful plugin.This plugin works great for survival servers.I Hope there will to have more jobs.