MongoWG v0.3.0

WorldGuard region storage backend for MongoDB.

  1. maxikg

    This Bukkit/Spigot plugin allows to use MongoDB as a storage backend for WorldGuard regions.

    Please note that this plugin is in an early-stage and may contains bugs. Please report them here:

    1. Download the plugin from GitHub.
    2. Drop it into your plugins folder
    3. Make sure WorldGuard 6.1 is installed
    4. Restart server
    5. Configure plugin, create necessary MongoDB database (default: "mongowg") and the collection "regions" in it and restart the server again.

    Just use WorldGuard as you know. There are no commands or permissions.

    The configuration file is located there: <plugin-dir>/MongoWG/config.yml
    • mongodb.uri: Connection uri for MongoDB
    • mongodb.database: The name of the database which should be used.

    Bug Reports
    Please report bugs here: GitHub Issue Tracker

    Source Code
    This plugin is open source! It can be found on GitHub: