MonsterSpawn Beta 1.1

A random monster spawner plugin

  1. CrazyGriefer
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This plugin comes with no warranties! If you have bad luck it can spawn 4 withers in a row. It can destroy your world. I strongly recommend to NOT use this in your survival let's play or SMP!

    Monsterspawn is a plugin that will spawn a monster every 60 (default) seconds. You can configure which mob you want to spawn. It can even spawn a random mob if you specify random as the mobtype. More about this later.

    If you do decide to create a video using this plugin, please consider a link to this page or my discord server in your video description . This is not required, but it would be very appreciated.

    /msstart: This will start the spawning of monsters.
    /msstop: This will stop the plugin from spawning mobs. It will also kill previously spawned entities.
    /msmob <entity> <name>: Configure the mobtype + name of the mob you want to spawn. (See examples)
    /msinterval: Specify the amount of time (in seconds) between each spawn.

    Now let me show you some example commands.

    /msmob random Subscribe to me!
    will configure the plugin so when MonsterSpawn is active it will spawn a random mob called Subscribe to me!.
    /msmob wither Jerry will configure the plugin so it will spawn ONLY withers called Jerry.

    If you want to see what the current selected mob is, just run /msmob (so with no arguments). It will tell you the mob and the name of the mob.

    /msstart will start the spawning of monsters to all players.

    will stop spawning monsters (and kill the previously spawned ones).

    /msinterval 30
    will set the interval between spawns to 30 seconds. Every 30 seconds a new monster will spawn.

    You can NOT change the interval time while the plugin is running!
    If you want to see what the current interval is, just run /msinterval (so with no arguments). This will tell you want the current interval is.

    All the permissions are named after their command:
    • /msstart - monsterspawn.start
    • /msstop - monsterspawn.stop
    • /msinterval - monsterspawn.interval
    • /msmob - monsterspawn.mob
    Little note
    • This is my first plugin. I made this one after a friend of me posted a video spawning a wither every 30 seconds, but it was done using commandblocks. I am sure there is a lot of place for improvement, and I am thankful to anybody who is willing to contribute to the project.
    • If you still have questions or have a suggestion, please join my Discord Server.
    • When you run the plugin for the first time, MonsterSpawn will set up itself. Please restart your server after that.

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