Monstrorvm 1.0.9

A plugin for creating custom items, mobs, recipes and enchantments easily!

  1. Update 1.0.8

    • Added a difficulty scaling system where users can define values that will change depending on difficulty for their custom mobs. More info here.
    • Better message system/utilities to help with development. This isn't a visible change to a normal user.
    • Added a 'SpawnNaturally' node that when set to false (default is true) the mob will not spawn normally, and will require being spawned via a command or other means.
    • Added a 'PackInfo' node so users can make their mobs spawn with a Pack. (like a pack of wolves)
    • Added a new command (/mvmdocs) so users can easily access the plugins documentation wiki.
    • Added a system that displays errors and warnings that occurred when loading a custom mob/item in chat to the user reloading the plugin. This should make it easier for users to find out what went wrong. If you encounter any issues with this, or feel something is missing, please open an issue report on the github repo.
    • Added new aliases to the reload command (mvmreload and mvmr)
    • Changed how the plugin reloads, before it wouldn't properly re-register custom mobs or items. And it would also have a problem where it'd unregister things registered by another plugin using Monstrorvms API and never re-register them.
    • Changed the mob spawning command, you can now specify a player (optional) after specifying the mob to spawn, and it will spawn the mob on the specified player.
    • Multi-Language support removed, due to new message system and no additional languages existing in the first place for the plugin, and it was poorly made. (May return later)
    • Debug stick removed.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed mobs auto-targeting a player that is in creative mode.
    • Fixed an issue where some node values were case sensitive (for defining sounds, particles, etc)
    • Fixed the update URL when the plugin has an update directing to Better Netherite (my bad haha)
    • Fixed an issue where reloading the plugin wouldn't update custom mobs/items with the new changes. (keep in mind, the changes wont apply to already spawned in mobs/items, you'll need to spawn new ones to see some changes.)
    PLEASE NOTE: If you're using Better Netherite along with Monstrorvm, you MUST update Better Netherite as well as Monstrorvm, as errors may occur due to some changes.
    If you have any suggestions or ideas for this plugin, please suggest them on the Githubs issue tracker, same goes for bugs!
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