Monstrorvm 1.0.9

A plugin for creating custom items, mobs, recipes and enchantments easily!

  1. 1.0.9 - The Custom Enchantment Update!

    I know this is long awaited, and it took way longer than it should have. There was many personal things I was dealing with during the development of this update. But I hope you guys enjoy!


    • Added the ability to create custom enchantments! Enchantments work just like vanilla enchants. You can get them from enchantment tables (you can set the chance of this happening per-enchant), and you can combine them with items in an anvil. You can view how to create them here.
    • Added the ability to disable a custom thing by prefixing its .yml file with '-'.
    • Added the ability to create custom recipes the same way you can items and such.
    • Added a command to enchant an item with a custom enchantment.
    • Added a config option to force custom enchantments to show on an item like a vanilla enchant (gray text) - disabling this will allow you to make them colorful! (disabled by default)
    • Added the "_roof" attribute to custom mobs - when defining a world they can spawn in, if you put "_roof" after a worlds name, and if that world is a nether world, the mob will be able to spawn on the roof.
    • 1.17 support! (Note: you will still be able to run the plugin on a 1.16 server)
    • Changed examples to be disabled by default.
    • Debug mode is now disabled by default.
    • Completely reworked the API to make it a lot better to work with. This is so anyone who wants to use the API with their plugin can do so. You can also hook into the API using skript & skript-reflect! More info on the wiki.
    • You can now prefix custom things when referencing them in other custom things with multiple different prefixes. Them being: mv: mvm: monstrorvm: and (these ones are required when referencing a custom enchantment) mv- mvm- monstrorvm-
    • The plugin will now disable itself if you're on an unsupported server version.
    • Removed item-specific custom recipes. They have been replaced with a proper custom recipe system with more flexibility.
    • Removed the system that kicked users if recipes weren't registered yet, since now with this new system, recipes are now registered at the same time as everything else.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed reloading using the plugins reload command not properly updating custom things. Now, everything should update as expected without requiring a restart.
    • Many more I honestly forgot lol
    If you have any suggestions or ideas for this plugin, please suggest them on the Githubs issue tracker, same goes for bugs!
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