Monstrorvm 1.0.9

A plugin for creating custom items, mobs, recipes and enchantments easily!

  1. 1.0.7 the 'Its been a while, have some stuff' update!

    • Added a system that kicks players if they join before the plugin is done registering any custom recipes. This is to avoid the server thinking recipes don't exist for the player if they join before the recipes actually exist.
    • Added a check that will make sure custom mobs max health, attack damage and movement speed are not above the max defined inside the spigot.yml (you can of course change the values within spigot.yml) If a value is higher than one in the spigot.yml, Monstrorvm will now warn the user in console, and set the mobs health/damage/speed to the max.
    • Added a 'AttackDamage' node, so you can now make your mobs do more.. or less damage!
    • Added a 'AttackKnockback' node, so you can now make your mobs have insane knockback! or.. none at all.
    • Added a 'KnockbackResistance' node, so you can now make your mobs more resistant to knockback!
    • Added a 'Armor' node, so you can now make your mob have an armor value without actually wearing armor!
    • Added a 'ArmorToughness' node, so you can make that armor tougher!
    • Added a 'FlySpeed' node, so you can make your flying mobs faster.. or slower!
    • Added a 'FollowRange' node, so you can make your mob follow targets from miles away, or a very short distance!
    • Added a 'JumpStrength' node, so you can modify a horses jump!
    • Added a 'Debug Stick' used to view information about blocks, mobs and items to help my development mainly, but it can also help users who use the plugin. The stick is enabled if 'Debug' is enabled in the config.
    • Changed how custom mobs target - they can now target any mob, before they couldn't if they weren't hostile. For example; making an iron golem target players. Before this update, defining player as a valid target wouldnt have any effect, but with this update the iron golem will go and attack players randomly at will.
    • Changed how the 'ExamplesEnabled' functions; now if it's set to false, the plugin will not register example items, and will delete the example yml files. Due to this, all examples will be available on the Wiki for reference. Please note, if any of your custom items or mobs yml files are named exactly how any of the example files are, they will be effected. Avoid naming your files like this.
    • Changed the 'ValidSpawnEnvironments' node to instead allow world names. This is so you can make world-specific mobs. PLEASE NOTE: those of you who use Better Netherite with this, you must update that as well, as it will error if you do not update it along with this. Also, your mobs will not spawn at all if you keep the original spawn environments, you must specify new world names.
    • Removed the 'AlwaysAngry' making wolves attack anything, as this has been replaced with a system that allows all mobs to. 'AlwaysAngry' will now only do what it does in the game by default; make the wolf look angry constantly (the tail straight, and eyes red, plus growling)
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed the reload command, it now should properly reload modified custom mob or item files. This will make modifying things much easier and quicker. Please do let me know if any issues occur with this on the github issue tracker.
    If you have any suggestions or ideas for this plugin, please suggest them on the Githubs issue tracker, same goes for bugs!
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