Monthly Crates 1.4

Ever wanted monthly crates similar to cosmicpvp?

  1. New option in the config where you can only earn a reward once.

    If you enable this option at the very bottom of your config by setting it to true:

    Code (Text):
    once-per-item: false
    You will only be able to win the same reward once. So lets say you get a monthly sword, you will not be able to win that monthly sword again because you cannot get the same reward (in this case the monthly sword) twice.

    I would recommend you have loads of rewards (like 20 plus) if you want this option so that it makes sense to your players, but if you only decide to have...
  2. Added a new placeholder

    Added a new %crate#% placeholder to the storage-inv that is the number of crates in the gui.

    I also added a donation button to the description for anyone who wants to support my hard work by donating <3
  3. A couple of new additions added!

    1. You are now able to right-click the monthly crate to open the gui without immediately starting the "animation". Only when you start the animation shall the crate be removed and you are restricted from closing the inventory.

    2. /mcrate has been replaced with an inventory where players can view all the crate types. This inventory is configurable (config update will be shown in the example of the front description). The help command is now /mcrate help.
  4. Added item data and fixed a gui name issue.

    The gui will now use the name that is actually in the config, and ItemData has been added to the config. Change it to -1 if it uses no ItemData. Please add ItemData to anything that has it in the example if you have already downloaded before.

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  5. Added a help message I forgot to add.

    I forgot to add a default config for the help message in the /mcrate command! I have done this now.
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