Moon Generator 2 1.16.4

Go to the Moon in Minecraft!

  1. Shoko
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Welcome to the [Shoko's Moon Generator] world generator Plugin !


    but first of all,

    -It's a world generator plugin, as it names suggest it helps you generate a world based on the Moon, It's the most "moon-like" plugin out there!

    Servers using this plugin (German)
    (If you want to see your server here, send me a pm)​

    1.Make sure you're using lastest Spigot (not recommended) OR the lastest version of PAPER
    ( You can download it from here: )

    2.Install a World Management Plugin to your server (Recommended: Multiverse-core)
    2.Download this plugin and put it into your plugins folder
    3.Now restart you're server and it's done ! :D

    Note: If you find any bugs, please try using paper instead of Spigot (as it's api allows the plugin to do a few more things in a "safer" way)

    1. Make sure to Turn Off the server, and download the lastest version of the plugin.
    2. Delete the old "Moon" world folder, also delete the old MoonGenerator config folder (aka the config folder) and old plugin from your server (otherwise it will cause troubles).
    3.Download the lastest version of MoonGenerator and put it in your plugins folder
    4. Start the server and you're ready to go (to the moon)! :D

    1.Make sure you dont have any folder named "moon" in your server root folder

    2.Use multiverse to create a moon world
    /mv create moon normal -g MoonGenerator
    3. Go to the moon world using
    /mv tp moon

    -Improve World generation by adding new random Structures
    -Make an automatic update checker
    -Add more configurable options(like mob-related config)
    -Some more crazy things

    - Craters
    - Flora
    - Ores

    Please don't forget to upvote this project if you like it or if you see some future in it :) as it is my first plugin project, thank you a lot for reading this, love you all <3

    btw my discord is:

    Consider donating via PayPal to keep me motivated


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Recent Reviews

  1. ladymartina
    Version: 1.16.4
    very cute generator we use it and the players really like it. Could you upgrade to 1.17?
  2. LegitPotatoe420
    Version: 1.16.4
    Cool plugin concept but the landscape quickly becomes mundane. Needs more then just flat hills...maybe random moon structures? Its an average plugin, good if you just need a dead coral plain world.
  3. InfiniteSources
    Version: 1.15.2 Spigot/Paper
    Great Plugin! Fast support and consistent in delivery of the program. I appreciate you working on this for 1.15!
  4. enderenby
    Version: 1.15.2 Spigot/Paper
    Love it! The craters generate so smoothly. I'm using it on my server for a space colony survival world. I made some alterations with WorldEdit to create "biomes" where the surface blocks were different-- like different types of dead coral blocks, stone, cobblestone, endstone, and gravel. Also changed some of the packed/blue ice to regular ice so players could have an easy water source if they dig deep enough.
  5. Tonin386
    Version: 1.15.2 Spigot/Paper
    Best plugin for moon worlds in Minecraft. The world looks exactly like you would imagine the Moon on Minecraft.

    Plus, the dev is such a nice person. Very reactive and helpful.

    I recommend this plugin to anyone who needs to go the Moon!
  6. jonnycp9
    Version: for MC 1.14.4
    cool plugins for create a moon world in minecraft
  7. Domers
    Version: for MC 1.14.4
    Genial, lo instalĂ© en mi server con spigot 1.144 y funciona de maravilla, ningĂșn error. Felicidades y gracias.
  8. Elguerrero
    Version: 2.9 for MC 1.14.2
    MultiverseCore say me "Error trying to load world moon!" in PaperSpigot 1.14.4 server, i wait a update for 1.14.4
    1. Shoko
      Author's Response
      Working on it ;)
  9. q863109215
    Version: 2.9 for MC 1.14.2
    I really like the plugin, thank you for your hard work, I hope you continue to develop and improve this plugin, look forward to your results.
    1. Shoko
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much <3 it means a lot
  10. MuRDea
    Version: 2.9 for MC 1.14.2
    i use firework cant to the monn
    permisson is what ?
    1. Shoko
      Author's Response
      moongenerator.userocket or give yourself op