More Creepers 1.0

Adds creepers to nether and end worlds.

  1. ikygoose
    This plugin replaces a percentage of zombie pig men spawns and endermen spawns, (in their respective worlds) with a nether/end creeper.

    fire creeper.png
    fire creeper explode.png

    • Spreads fire
    • Shoots fire on exploding
    end creeper.png
    end creeper explode.png

    • Teleports.
    • Launches obsidian on exploding.

    # the chance out of 100 to replace an endermen spawn in end type worlds with a end creeper.
    endCreeperChance: 20
    # the chance out of 100 to replace a pig zombie spawn in nether type worlds with a nether creeper.
    fireCreeperChance: 20
    # disable the spawning of end creepers.
    disableEndCreeper: false
    # disable the spawning of nether creepers.
    disableNetherCreeper: false
    # disable end creeper's obsidian explosion.
    disableEndCreeperExplosion: false
    # disable nether creeper's fire explosion.
    disableNetherCreeperExplosion: false
    # end creepers wait time before teleporting to it's target
    endCreeperTeleportTime: 15
    MoreCreepers requires MonsterLib, found here: