MoreCoeurs 1.8.*

This plugin add a hearts with permission coeurs.1 coeurs.2 coeurs.3 (.......) coeurs.30

  1. bhugues12
    The name of this plugin is MoreCoeurs, I'm a french developer.
    The aim of this plugin is add a Hearts for players, whith permission,
    This permission :
    -coeurs.1 (players set 1 hearts)
    -coeurs.2 (players set 2 hearts)
    -coeurs.3 (players set 3 hearts)
    -coeurs.28 (players set 28 hearts)
    -coeurs.29 (players set 29 hearts)
    -coeurs.30 (players set 30 hearts)

    The people op set 20herts for default.
    The version for this plugin is Spigot 1.8.*