MoreCommands 1.2

A plugin with much of commands

  1. Nici900800

    This plugin have a lot of commands, permissions, features and (sorry for that) bugs!

    There are some thing I don't like on Essentials: If you fall down and type /spawn, you will get fall damage

    Known bugs:
    - Some translations aren't correct at all!
    -You have to type [Warp](ENTER)NameOfTheWarp to get the signs

    /kickall: Kick all players on the server.
    /killall: Kill all players on the server.
    /spawn: Create spawns for different groups!
    /home: Create homes and teleport to them! There is also a GUI for this
    /warp: Create warps for the players! You also can create signs!
    /kill: Coming soon!
    /uuid: You can see the UUID of you and other players.
    /rename: Rename Items.
    /hat: You can carry blocks or items as a hat!
    /killEntity: Can kill the entities!
    /tp: Teleport to other players!






    Config: I think it's time for the config... I will update today (Middle European Time)!

    Other Infos: If you found a bug, please email it to me: [email protected]
    You want another command? Please email me!

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