MoreEggs 1.3

Get all eggs who are normally impossible to have

  1. Update n°3 - v1.3

    - You can now disable update system (not recommended)
    - When you disable a egg, you now can't get it with /moreeggs give <mob> [player]
    - Added version in config (don't change it)
    - Added giantzombie aliase for giant
    - Added witherboss aliase for wither
    - Added version...
  2. Update n°2 - v1.2

    - You can now disable/enable eggs
    - Added disable_message option
    - Added french translation

    - Changed /moreeggs list messages

    - Fixed a problem that caused creatures to appear between 4 blocks and not in the middle of a block

    - Some...
  3. Update n°1 - v1.1

    - Added reload_message option
    - Added...