MoreFish | Improved Fishing and Fishing Competition! 3.0.2

Feeling boring with your fishing? Hold the fishing contest and try to catch the legendary fish!

  1. Release 3.0.0

    Fully recorded with Kotlin.
    The all old bugs may be fixed. If you find new one, let me know it.
    Notice: Please update to 3.0.1!
    Major Changes
    • Updated to SpgiotMC 1.13.2. This version only supports above MC 1.13.
    • Improved the fish type & rarity configuration system. You may take a look at the Wiki.
    • Changed some commands to solve ambiguity.
    • Replaced '/mf rewards' command to 'contest-prizes' configuration. You can set commands for giving prizes in config.yml, instead of using in-game GUI.
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