MoreOres 1.0

Like fortune, but for ores too!

  1. PrinceMC
    MoreOres is a plugin that works like fortune on ores. You do not need the fortune enchantment on your pickaxe, you just need the permission node(s) to get extra ores that you mine. Only naturally generated ores will drop more than one at a time. If you place an ore down and break it, it will only give you one back. You could be fooled if someone places all of their ores down and you go mining and it only gives you one ore.


    100% chance to drop 1 ore
    10% chance
    to drop 2 ores
    1% chance
    to drop 3 ores


    /oreson - Turns on extra ore drops
    /oresoff - Turns off extra ore drops
    /oresconfig - Reloads the plugins' config file
    /oresclear - Removes all ores stored in the database


    moreores.* - Access to all commands and drops extra ores from all types of ores
    moreores.all - Drops extra ores from all types of ores
    moreores.coal - Drops extra ores from coal ores
    moreores.iron - Drops extra ores from iron ores - Drops extra ores from gold ores
    moreores.diamond - Drops extra ores from diamond ores
    moreores.emerald - Drops extra ores from emerald ores - Drops extra ores from redstone ores
    moreores.lapis - Drops extra ores from lapis lazuli ores
    moreores.glowstone - Drops extra glowstone from mining glowstone blocks
    moreores.quartz - Drops extra quartz from mining nether quartz ores


    If you have any issues with the plugin, please talk to me in a conversation on this website or I will not answer your question(s).

Recent Reviews

  1. Beastsyndicate
    Version: 1.0
    its a pretty ok plugin and its working like theowner of it told us..