MoreSlots 0.25

Like minigame servers plugin ! With Configuration

  1. MateusFRz
    This plugin like minigame server MOTD

    But in my plugin you can set the fake max player
    Without my plugin | With my plugin
    29017/29017 | 29017/29047 (29017 + 30)

    Code (Text):

    #When a player join the server (ex: 150/150) the plugin add 10 to the max player (ex: 150/160)!
    #Example: 0/10 -> 1/11; 2000/2000 -> 2000/2010 With my plugin !
       slots: 10
    #You can set one colored MOTD
       MOTD: "&1Default colored MOTD"
    #If you want to active the MOTD !
           active: true

    #If you like the plugin you can do a tips =)

    P.S: If you like my plugin you can donate my <3

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Recent Reviews

  1. WasabIII
    Version: 0.25
    Thanks for update =)
    1. MateusFRz
      Author's Response
      You're welcome
  2. GamerDuck123
    Version: 0.2
    I love it but for the motd can u make the message change like server list plus bc i really wanna use dis but it doesnt work with server list plus and i dont wanna ruin my motd :(
    1. MateusFRz
      Author's Response
      I correct this for the next update.
      And thank for you review =)
  3. SpoderMan
    Version: 0.1
    Great plugin! Does what it says. Maybe you could do a fully customize-able Player-Slots but use variables like <Players-Online> & <Max-Players> for us to be able to make it 110% customize-able? :)
    1. MateusFRz
      Author's Response
      I will adding this on the futur